DAoC: Gameplay – Death

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to what happens after death in the game.


  1. Summary
  2. On Death
  3. Resurrection
    • Resurrection
    • Release
    • Recall
  4. Penalties
    • Experience
    • Resurrection Illness
    • Constitution Loss
  5. Other
    • Graves
    • Praying
    • Binding
    • Healing
  6. In-Game Lesson
  7. Links

1. Summary

When you die:

  • Type /release or press the Release Button on the Release Window that appears.
  • Find a nearby Healer and right-click twice to cure Resurrection Illness and restore lost Constitution
  • Return to your Grave, target it and type /pray to return some of the lost Experience.

2. On Death

Some of your Experience will be removed when you die, the amount will be much lower if it is the first death of your level.

  • Note: If you are killed by an Enemy Player or Guard you will suffer a Realm Death and receive no penalties.
  • Note: If you are killed before Level 6, you will receive no penalties.
  • Note: The Experience lost will not de-level your character, if you don’t have much Experience before this penalty it will simply clear the Experience bar.
  • Note: If your character is above Level 40 and reached the half way point, your Experience will not be reduced past this point.

3. Resurrection

Resurrection Spell

The main Healer classes in each realm can Resurrect fallen realm mates.

All spells are received without Specialization at Level 10 unless otherwise specified.


  • Cleric
  • Friar
  • Heretic (Level 10 Base and 41 Rejuvenation Spec for Monster Ressurection)
  • Paladin (Level 30 Chants Specialization)


  • Healer
  • Shaman
  • Spiritmaster (23 Spirit Enhancement Specialization)
  • Valkyrie


  • Bard
  • Warden
  • Druid


  • Target a Corpse of a player in your realm
  • Cast the Resurrection Spell
  • The dead player can choose to accept or decline the Ressurection
  • The dead player is Resurrected at the casters location with a specific amount of Health
  • Note: The Health that a Resurrected player is returned with varies from each spell.
  • Note: If the Resurrection is declined the Power cost will be refunded to the Caster.

After Resurection you will have Resurrection Illness applied to you.

Monster Resurrection

Heretics have an ability to Resurrect a player as a Monster.

This spell causes the person to be Resurrected at full Health and Power, and have the use of an Area of Effect Damage spell for 30 Seconds.

After the time has run out the player drops down to 1% Health.

Resurrection Items

The Egg of Youth Artifact’s Level 10 ability can be used to Resurrect a fallen Realm member on a 15 Minute re-use timer. – Source

Spirit Orbs can also be used to Resurrect all fallen Realm members in a small radius with a 5 Minute re-use timer. This item can be rewarded for matching 3 cards at the Trifecta game. – Source


Once your character has died, a timer and a release window will pop up.

A number of options are presented to the player:

  • Release – Perform the default release option
  • Release City – Release to the capital city
  • Release House – Release to your house bind location
  • Release Bind – Release to your bind location
  • Note: If you are the Battlegrounds or New Frontiers the default Release option will return you to the nearest Border Keep or Portal Keep.
  • Note: If no option is chosen, when the timer reaches full it will automatically use the /release command.


Certain support classes can temporarily bind to Keep Lords and Tower Captains.

Right-click on a Keep Lord or Tower Captain to set it.

If you die in the vicinity use the /recall command instead of the /release command and your corpse will be transferred to the Keep Lord or Tower Captain.

Note: The location of your corpse is transferred but you will still need to be Resurrected.

Note: This is a single use Bind, you will have to right-click the Keep Lord or Tower Captain in order to set it again.

4. Penalties

Experience Penalty

After Releasing from your Corpse you will have a second Experience Penalty given to your character, the lost Experience can be restored by Praying at the Gravestone that is constructed.

  • Note: There is no Experience Penalty for Realm Deaths.

Resurrection Illness

After Resurrection you will have Resurrection Illness applied to your character.

Resurrection Illness will make your character half as effective in combat for the duration.

This can be cured by visiting a Healer NPC or by a player casting Restore the Soul spell from 10th level of the Perfector Master Level line.

  • Note: Characters below Level 6 will not have Resurrection Illness applied.
  • Note: Resurrections from a Player will result in a much shorter Resurrection Illness.

Constitution Loss

As well as having Resurrection Illness and a Experience Penalty, you will suffer a loss of Constitution which reduces your Maximum Health.

You can restore the lost Constitution at a Healer.

5. Other


Gravestones are created in the game world when you Release your corpse after a non-realm death.

  • Note: You can only have one Gravestone in the world, if you die and Release again a new Gravestone will be create and the old one will be removed.


Use the /pray command when targeting your Gravestone to restore the Experience lost when you released from your corpse.

  • Note: It can be considered a bug that you receive Bonus Experience from your grave.


Binding at a location allows your body to resurrect there after you release from death.

Use the /bind command to bind, you will be given a text notification and a visual effect will play.

  • Note: There is a 60 Second re-use timer between Binding.

Capital Cities

You can Bind anywhere in a Capital City.


Albion, Midgard and Hibernia bind stones.

You can Bind your soul at special locations throughout the game world by using the /bind command when standing near one.

When you use the /release command when dead you will be resurrected at the Bindstone.

To check the location you have bound to you can use the /bind command when not standing near a Bindstone.

Recall Stones

All players will have a Personal Bind Recall Stone, using this item will allow the player to return to their current Bindstone.


Albion and Hibernia House Bindstones

In the Foundations expansion and the addition of Player and Guild Housing, an item that could be added to a house was a Bindstone.

This allows the player to use the /bind command at the House Bindstone and use the /release house command or the Release House button to return to the house instead of a Standard Bindstone.

  • Note: You can have a Standard Bindpoint and a House Bindpoint both set.


Healers are found in most major towns standing next to a Bindstone.

Right-Click a Healer to cure Resurrection Illness.

Right-Click a Healer to restore any Constitution Penalty you may have. You will have to confirm that you want to pay the amount.

Note: The gold cost for Constitution restoration varies by level

6. In-game Lesson

The following portion of text is taken from a Lesson Quest in the game.

Healers perform a special service to the realm to those who have fallen.

When you die you will have to release your corpse unto death and you can arise at one of many magical locations throughout the realms.

To set the location you will release to you can bind your soul, this is only available at certain locations.

Releasing comes with a physical cost, for a brief time following the ressurection you will suffer from an ailment known as ‘Ressurection Illness’. The effects of this illness are temporary. A secondary and more permannt effect is a deterioration of your constitution  Releasing repeatedly will weaken you and you will need to speak to Healer.

Healers will sooth your wounds and comfort your weariness for a small fee.

When you are suffering from ressurection Illness or require that your constitution be replenished, visit one of the many Healers found throughout the realms.

7. Links