DAoC: Livestream with @Grakulen and @DAoCDev – Midgard (Thidranki)

Last night Grakulen hosted a three hour Dark Age of Camelot livestream with some BioWare Mythic team members on MMORPG.com’s TwitchTV channel.

For the next stream someone please turn on the chat log and I will host a webpage where you can view all the kills and deaths during the stream.

Stream Videos

First two hours:

Full stream:


Stream Highlights


  • Grakulen the MMORPG.com host for Wayback Wednesday was joined by series regulars
  • Kai Schober the BioWare Mythic Community Manager
  • and Talal Saad a Developer for Dark Age of Camelot
  • and a suprise appearance of Carrie Gouskos a Producer at BioWare Mythic.

Infernal Sleeves

  • They will be coming soon.

Pictslayer Live Event

  • Necklace of Passage from the Pictslayers – It’s worth keeping.
  • Pictslayer is a progressive event and it is far from done.
  • Events are character specific, so you will need a necklace for each of your characters that you want to participate.

Unlimited resources what would they do with DAoC?

  • They would like to make a DAoC 2.
  • Leave the combat system intact
  • Retexture the entire world
  • Have a large marketing campaign
  • UI is key, and would like that to be improved.

Can’t use kickstarter as cost of intellectual property would be too high

Population health

  • Healthy
  • There are two peaks since the servers combined on Ywain
  • Europeans play at certain hours and North America plays at another set of hours.
  • There are usually constant battles taking place
  • Often encounter other players in the battlegrounds and hubs.

Grakulen’s experience with New User Journey

Me and Grakulen spent some time levelling his character from 1 to 20 preparing for Thidranki, this time levelling up through the New User Journey instead of purely RvR. He was asked what his experience was on the PvE side.

  • liked the moral choices, it wasn’t what he was expecting
  • level up quickly, through the pve hubs or battleground quests

Using systems from Warhammer Online

It was asked why they can’t take systems like the mail system from Warhammer Online.

  • The code for Warhammer is 5 or 6 years newer than Dark Age of Camelot, and there are limitations with the technology.
  • There are also priorities for the developer team.

As with the majority of newer features, they could be added to this aging game, some would take more effort than others, but it’s up to the developers priorities to work on these. I  know the DAoC client and technology well, and adding a mail system is not impossible.

Community Involvement

  • The community have Knights of the Realm who have access to internal developer forums and can provide feedback to the developers on proposed changed.
  • Feedback form on the daoc website is not a black hole, every piece of constructive feedback is read

EU Characters

  • Go to accounts.eamythic.com and you will have to follow the process through there
  • The accounts have been automatically transfered, to this system, but may require some setup from that website.

Patch 1.113

Nothing new announced, this refers to the latest test notes.

  • Making the game more streamlined and convienient to players, buff NPCs have been added as found in the battleground, the primary border keeps on the PvE side.
  • Keeps with captured relics will spawn the elite guards,
  • and a scaling system has been added based on the amount of relics controlled.

Fan Fiction


Astral Items

  • Astral weapons are from the ML 10 Dungeon, and are some of the most coveted items in the game.
  • They sell for a lot on player controlled markets, and a suggestion was made regarding selling them on merchants for some sort of currency to control the economy.
  • It hasn’t been ruled out, and is something that you could possibly see.

Battleground Event

  • Talal hinted that there will most likely be a battleground event allowing level 50s into Leirvik within the next month.


  • Level cap won’t increase, and realm rank cap won’t increase, the bar is set quite high.

Screenshot Moment

The screenshot moment of the stream was a death in the air for Grakulen.

Previous Streams


Future Streams

Based on the schedule so far, these dates are not confirmed.


  • Molvik – (12 September 2012) 
  • Cathal Valley – (October 2012 ) 
  • New Frontiers – (November 2012) 


  • Thidranki – (December 2012) 
  • Molvik – (January 2013) 
  • Cathal Valley – (February 2013) 
  • New Frontiers – (March 2013)