DAoC: Upcoming Livestream – Thidranki (Midgard)

There is an upcoming Dark Age of Camelot livestream on MMORPG.com’s TwitchTV channel, hosted by Grakulen, joined by Kai Schober, and possibly Talal Saad and John Thornhill from BioWare Mythic.

  • Watch them live or archived
  • Chat with them in game or on the feed
  • Play with them in a group or kill them


The event will take place on:  Wednesday, 8 August 2012  at 21:30 in EDT

It will be located in Thidranki, so you need a character between levels 20 and 24.

The team will be playing on Midgard.

Previous Livestreams


Future Livestreams

Probably Molvik next month.