Soul Essence: Chapter 3 – Poisonblade Heath

Soul Essence is a series of articles for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, it covers the Dark Elf PvE campaign from the Disciple of Khaine class chapter-by-chapter.

We rejoin our hero as she makes her way from Nimosar to Poisonblade Heath in search of Haydion Whitewrath.


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Chapter 3 – Poisonblade Heath


I report to Kulvorath Bloodhand who tells me he has captured the lieutenant of the Shadow Warrior that I am chasing. He is being interrogated.

Ilanya Shadowsong thanks me for reporting the source of power, and informs me that she will dispatch a regiment north to claim my discovery.

Approaching Dreamshade I make out a tower and a Dark Elf camp surrounding it.


Ilanya tells me that provisions accompanied House Uthorin’s forces for the creation of Deathmasks.

The Enchanted Gold needs to be prepared for the ritual by wetting it with the blood of slain High Elves.

Once this is done, I need to report to Tesmar Dreamstealer at Malagurn’s Charge.

Heading into Dreamshade Forest I kill a number of High Elf ambushers. I wet the Enchanted Gold in their blood to prepare for the ritual.

A view from a cliff in Menarhain.

Murderous Devotion

Setir Fellgaze tells me about the Shrine of the Poisonblade nearby, and that I must follow in Poisonblade’s footsteps.

I must hunt down the animals within the Blighted Isles and then approach the shrine with their blood and venom on my hands.

First on my list of animals are Blightback Spiders followed by a Dreamshade Matron and Blighthide Bears.

The last task for me is to find Poisonblade Shrine. It is surrounded by wolves and is in ruins.

As I put my hands on the Shrine the beasts of the wood go quiet. I feel drawn to speak to Caerys Lifebane in the Dark Elf camp that overlooks the Plain of Bone.

Caerys tells me there is a large battle coming, and our god Khaine will be pleased.

She also mentions that the High Elves also worship Khaine but not exclusively, they fear to ask Khaine for power as the Dark Elves have.

A view of the Dark Elf War Camp – Cynathai Span

Slipping the Skin

Bethraldar Redlash tells me that his previous shipment of High Elf captives perished, he would rather the White Lions die here than risk another loss at sea.

Entering Dreamshade Forest I find White Lions, after killing them I take their pelts.

Returning the skins to Bethraldar he comments on my great artistry to preserve the skins without marring the faces.

Now Bethraldar wants to see how difficult the lions are to provoke, he wants me to goad the Captured White Lion.

I wave the White Lion Skins in front of the Captured White Lion until he loses control and decides to attack me, I finish him with ease.

Returning to Bethraldar  he thinks the White Lions are more animal than Elf, as the captured White Lion did not last long before being goaded.

This means that they will most likely be destined for work in the mines due to their tempers.

Slave carts outside the village of Gon’Seraph in northern Chrace.

Innocence Challenged

Bethraldar wants the opportunity to break a Great Eagle to his will. He directs me to harvest meat from the wolves of the Dreamshade Forest and then search the eastern hills for a Goldenstrand Nest containing an Eyas and then feed the bird.

Outside the camp at Poisonblade Heath there are Dreamshade Wolves, I slay them and harvest their meat.

I make my way up to the eagles nests and feed the bird.

Having got its attention I cover it in a hood and return the Eyas to Bethraldar.

Bethraldar seems content with my choice of bird, commenting on its spirit as it struggles against his bonds.

Now that he has the great eagle he will use it to attack the High Elves.

The view of the low lying lands between The Blighted Isle and Chrace.

Due Recognition

Noble Pirovus gets my attention, he says that the White Lions are causing trouble as well as the Shadow Warriors.

I must assault the White Lion camp in northwestern Chrace, killing the White Lions there and returning to Noble Pirovus with their Pelt Cloaks.

I engage the White Lions at their camp in Chrace, inflicting heavy losses.

I return to Noble Pirovus, he acknowledges I am truely am the Disciple of Khaine that is rumored.

He informs me that my deeds lately have brought me to the attention of influential and powerful people. He will help me if I infiltrate Gon’Seraph and find and kill Councilman Talion.

I locate and kill Councilman Talion under the noses of the guards that are protecting him.

Returning to Noble Pirovus he is very impressed. He sends me to search Dreamshade Forest for Lordling Kylar and his troops.

I find Lordling Kylar’s body, and it seems his regiment is slain by combined forces of Shadow Warriors and White Lions.

I survive the ambush of Varolas Lionaxe, and take her head back to Noble Pirovus.

He says that I have honored Kylar’s name by slaying his ambusher.

 Pirovus sends me to plant the Ambusher’s Head on a pike deep within Dreamshade Forest.

Dreamshade Hunter’s attempt to retaliate and I take them down.

After reciting the tale Pirovus is pleased, he will share my story and my reputation will grow.

The High Elf village of Gon’Seraph in northern Chrace.

Legend and Infamy

Setir Fellgaze calls me the Slighted, the Forgotten and the Coward. He says he has heard of my confrontation with Haydion Whitewrath.

He can tell I have a desire for retribution and I must continue to engage the ambushers within the Dreamshade Forest to find clues as to his location.

After searching Dreamshade Forest and defeating a number of Dreamshade Ambushers I find a Lionmane Crest.

After examination it could only mean one thing, Haydion Whitewrath managed to send a warning to the White Lions of Chrace.

It is most likely that Gervus Lionmane is the messenger..

I work my way south to the village of Gon’Seraph in northern Chrace to kill Gerus Lionmane and locate any communication from Haydion.

I have to fight through each part of the village to locate him.

I finally find Gerus near the main council building in the village, and I remove Haydion’s Missive from his care.

After reading the Missive, I find Haydion’s orders are to slay the Sorceresses known as the Dreadblight.

I must locate and warn the Dreadblight somewhere further inside Chrace.

The ship of Beastmaster Khelrith on the border between The Blighted Isle and Chrace.

Proper Servants

Beastmaster Khelrith is aboard his ship in northern Chrace, he tells me that one of his prison carts was ambushed in the woods.

He does not have the time to re-forge the manacles within the cart and would like me to retrieve them.

I collect a number of Broken Manacles at the White Lion camp in Chrace.

Returning to Khelrith he is pleased, he now prepares for an assault on Gon’Seraph.

I will need to thin the ranks of the Gon’Seraph Watch.

I engage the Watch on the outskirts of Gon’Seraph and after killing a good number I return to Khelrith.

Our hero overlooking a valley in Chrace.

Onwards to Chapter 4

Our hero has helped the invasion by pushing back the insurgency from the White Lions and Shadow Warriors around Poisonblade Heath.

The next  task for our hero is to continue her chase of Haydion Whitewrath heading to Malagurn’s Charge and Chapter 4.


As these chapters are getting pretty long, I’ve decided to try splitting them up by quest. This allows a better grouping of screenshots, and an easier way for me to create the article, I can pop on, document a quest, and then log out without having to spend loads of time figuring out what stage I am at.

I am quite enjoying this stage of the Dark Elf quest line, I had trouble adjusting to the darkness early on, but with the invasion progressing, I am more invested.