Settling on Presentation

One of the things I have been promising myself to do, is to complete a project that I have started. I tend to get only so far in a project and then abandon it for the next more shiny thing.

Unfinished Projects

I have a couple of open ones including:

  • a Dark Age of Camelot Web Game
  • a Dark Age of Camelot: Herald
  • and a Warhammer Online: Realm War

DAoC Web Game

The first project that I am attempting to get into a skeleton working state is the DAoC Web Game that runs with the operating and plain title of “DAoC Web Game”.

I spent a few hours writing my concepts down combining it with my very rough notes I had made previously.

From these concepts I implemented these designs in order to see what worked.

The first design was based off a screenshot of terrain, with screenshots of buildings added to it.

This presented a problem with a limited size and non-uniform placement of buildings.

The second was based on tiles, with individual background tiles, and buildings that were in similar orientation.

I found this gave the best expandability, and ease of presentation.

Since my design needed to increase the amount of usable tiles based on the players rank, I had to maintain 4 separate pages to output which required different size images etc.

The design I am currently working off  settles on a static page size regardless of player rank and  hidden tiles showing potential space.

Next Task: Resources and Construction.