New Project: DAoC Herald


The Herald project is a crowdsourced Dark Age of Camelot information site.

It is based off the code I started to make for the Warhammer Online: Realm War site, a problem I ran into was I needed it to be able to accept data from different people and in order to do this I needed a single time point. I figured since I couldn’t access the server time that this project was dead. Eventually I realised I can use the uploader application to send the local time to the web server to check the difference, and then use that as a point of reference for grouping the duplicate kills.

It is designed so that chat logs can be uploaded to a website through a dedicated application, which then parses the logs to determine kill spam and character information. The website can then display the information in a number of ways.

Currently it can:

  • Track a kill with the location, killer, attacker and the time.
  • Display kills in an area.
  • Display kills or deaths for each individual character.

The next steps are to:

  • Populate it with more data.
  • Collect class and realm information from the logs.
  • Display leaderboards.