DAoC: Live Event – Pictish Invasion

Late last year began a live event for Dark Age of Camelot, it involves a Pict Invasion of the three realms.

This guide covers the progression of the live event and the quests involved so far

Pictish Camps (20 December 2011)


  • Pictish Weapons drops

Late last year Pictish camps were seen to spring up around the realms. The Picts are the original settlers of Hibernia and are the menace behind Hadrian’s Wall, the tribes of the Picts have united under one leader and have come back with plans for revenge. They have waited for the right moment, with the three realms weakened by their constant battles.

Information Gathering (24 January 2012)



  • Unknown

Royal Emissaries have been sent to the border keep of the realms to direct the response to the threat.

  • Commander Wentworth on the New Frontiers side of Castle Sauvage for Albion.
  • Commander Hrudin on the New Frontiers side of Svasud Faste for Midgard.
  • Commander Locke on the New Frontiers side of Druim Ligen for Hibernia.

Defenders of the realm are directed to locate a Pictish Settlement in the Frontiers and slay Pictish Settlers until they locate information relating to the Pictish Invasion.

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Border Keep Siege (7 June 2012)


  • Enemies of Old
  • Continuing the Fight
  • Leave No Stone Unturned


  • 250 Dragon Scale Cache
  • Tarnished Medallion of Passage
  • Sentinel of Albion / Midgard / Hibernia title
  • Pict Slayer title
  • Belt of the Vigilant

Earlier this month the Pict encampments have grown in size and have set their eyes on the border keeps of Snowdonia Fortress, Vindsaul Faste and Druim Cain. Due to the increased threat new leaders have made an appearance to aid in the defence.

  • Sir Yvain in Castle Sauvage for Albion
  • Sinfjotli Sigmundarson in Svasud Faste for Midgard
  • Fionn mac Cumhaill in Druim Ligen for Hibernia

The are 4 camps which prepare to siege the border keep, once they are all filled they launch an assault. You can defend the border keep and defeat the Chieftain there to receive a Defender title.

Defenders are also tasked with slaying each of the Pict warlords.

Enemies of Old / Continuing the Fight and Leave No Stone Unturned Guides are at the bottom of the page.

Border Keep Assault (23 August 2012)


  • Laying the Trap


  • Pictslayer Medal of Honor

Once four siege camps are established leading to the border keep, Picts will assault the border keep and capture it.

Defenders of the realms are tasked with re-taking the border keep and defeating the Pict leader.

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Caledonia (17 October 2012)


  • An Ancient Battleground


  • Silver-bound Chest
  • Camelot 10 Year Crest
  • Omni-Merchant Stone
  • Caledonia Skirmisher title
  • Conqueror of Caledonia title

An item that dropped off the chieftains in Leave No Stone Unturned, a Tarnished Medallion of Passage.

“This tarnished medallion is reminiscent of the ones used to aid in the transport of people long ago and glows faintly with a familiar aura of power. It might be a good idea to hold onto this until the realm scholars can unlock its secret”

The medallion has automatically been updated to a Caledonia Medallion of Passage. New medallions are given as a reward for Enemies of Old.

Defenders of the realms are tasked with defeating the Pictish King in Caledonia.

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[Solo/Duo] Enemies of Old (Level 48)


For weeks now the Picts have been encroaching on our lands and have established camps throughout the realm. With the constant danger from both Albion and Midgard on our borders we haven’t considered them to be a real threat. That is, until now.

Rumor has it they plan a siege on Druim Cain itself and have been spotted in the Cursed Forest working their way to the border keep! We cannot allow this to happen as it would impede our access into the frontier and cut the ability for us to mobilize against the other realms. More importantly it will give the Picts a staging ground to capture Dun Dagda.

Drive back these Pict invaders and bring order back to our lands.

Fionn Mac Cumhail has instructed you to dispatch 25 Picts making their way to Druim Cain. These Picts can be found at their encampments advancing through the Cursed Forest and the Valley of Bri Leith.


Locate Fionn Mac Cumhail

He is at the Portal Pad in Druim ligen next to the main teleporter.

Accept the Enemies of Old quest from him.

Kill 25 Picts from one of the Pictish camps.

There are a number of Pictish camps around the realms, the easiest one to get to is to select the level 35+ town, and choose the option to teleport to the refugee camp. There will be Picts very nearby.

In Albion the teleporter does not work correctly, so you will have to use /whisper Snowdonia Fortress, in Midgard use Vindsaul Faste and Hibernia you can go to Druim Cain.

Return to Fionn Mac Cumhail for your reward.


Experience: 1 bubble

Dragon Scale Cache: 250

Gold: 275 gold

Drops: Pictish Weapons from kills.
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[Solo/Duo] Continuing the Fight (Level 48)

Note: This quest is the same as Enemies of Old, it just requires a further 25 Picts to be killed.

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[Group] Leave No Stone Unturned (Level 48)

Note: The Pictish Camp locations are courtesy of  the Gaheris website.

Locate Fionn Mac Cumhail at the Portal Pad in the main Border Keep.

Accept the quest Leave No Stone Unturned.

Fionn Mac Cumhail has ordered you to slay each of the Pict warlords leading their forces against Hibernia. These commanders can be found at their encampments advancing through the Cursed Forest and the Valley of Bri Leith.

Find and slay High Chieftain Foclaid

Cursed Forest   20k, 57k

Find and slay Arch Druid Lutrin

Cursed Forest   5k, 47k

Find and slay Grand Magus Morbet

Bri Leith     53k, 35k

Find and slay Overseer Muircholaich

Bri Leith   25k, 21k

Return to Fion Mac Cumhail at Druim Ligen.

Hibernia will not soon forget what you have done today Animeta. Your deeds speak for themself and on behalf of King Lug Lamfhota, I present to you this badge of honor. Wear it proudly Celt you have earned it.

Note: These encounters are very difficult, the standard mobs vary from yellow to 50 to purple, with the Chieftain being very purple. You will need a balanced group.


Item: Dropped during the course of this quest was the item Tarnished Medallion of Passage.

Experience: 1 bubble

Gold: 275

Title: Sentinel of Albion / Sentinel of Midgard / Sentinel of Hibernia

Title: The Pict Slayer title is granted after a certain amount of Pict kills.

Item: You will also be able to choose one of the following 4 belts.

  • Adept Belt of the Vigilant
  • Curative Sash of the Vigilant
  • Arcane Sash of the Vigilant
  • Mighty Belt of the Vigilant

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I would like to thank those who joined with me in a group so I could capture the progress of this live event, I’m sorry that I got you folks killed lots and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

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