Games Journal #4 – Pict Deaths

Dark Age of Camelot


  • Levelled Minstrel from 38 to 43.
  • Purchased and activated Traitors Dagger and Crocodile Tear Ring on Minstrel.
  • Levelled Paladin from 5 to 10.
  • Did the epic quests for my Animist – Thanks to those who helped out 🙂.
  • Completed 2 pict kill quests, and a pict chieftain kill quest – Seriously big thanks to those that helped out.
  • Got a number of people repeatedly killed 😦


  • The pict encounters were pretty difficult, its nice to see a challenge. From what I could see there was no re-playability to the encounter, and so finding people to assist in the fight was difficult.
  • The epic quests were a lot better than the old ones, a good use of instances.


The Secret World

  • Captured a Facility and Anima Well in Fusang Projects.