DAoC’s ToA Glass Quests in Oceanus for levels 30 to 44

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to collecting glass between levels 30 and 44.

This set of 4 quests require you to kill mobs yellow to level 39, takes a maximum of half an hour a loop and rewards 400 Glass.



First its always a good idea to grab some buffs, you can do this by teleporting to the battleground appropriate for your level.

Purchasing a full buffs token and handing it back to the enhancement NPC.


Next teleport to Oceanus (you may have to go via a teleporter in your realms primary border keep).

Now let’s collect the 4 glass quests we will be doing. We need to find Astoissi and Wicoessa in Oceanus Haven.

Note: When you accept these quests the quest-givers will give you a water breathing buff, so there is no need to buy your own.

We have teleported into Oceanus Haven so they will be in the area.


Wicoessa is found directly in front of you as you teleport in, behind the djinn stone, she is behind the tree facing the ruins of a wall.


Accept the Wicoessa’s Research and Relics of the Deep quests from Wicoessa.


Astoissi is found towards the Hall of Heroes, the pillar of circles with the glowing blue light up on the hill.


Accept the When Harpies Attack and Astoissi’s Favor quests from Astoissi.

(Level 30) – Relics of the Deep


Head East towards the shore, and towards the red map marker.

Once you are in the water dive down using Z and locate the sunken Treasure Chests.

Right-click the Treasure Chests.


Wicoessa wishes you to recover 5 sunken treasure chests off the shore just east of the haven in Oceanus Hesperos.


There are some aggressive level 40 sharks in the area.

(Level 30) – Astoissi’s Favor


Head South to the smaller island with the red dot on it.


Slay 7 lesser janni for its sulphurous ash or inferior marids for their watery essences on the island south of the haven in Oceanus Hesperos.


These NPC’s are yellow and orange to level 38. They are aggressive and can be quite tricky since they are clumped, be careful.

(Level 30) – Wicoessa’s Research


From the smaller island with the red marker, head South West to the big island with 2 red quest markers.


Collect 7 stone fragments from either bolos or palios statues found on the island south of haven in Oceanus Hesperos.


These statues were yellow to level 39 and are aggressive, they are evenly spaced.

(Level 30) – When Harpies Attack.


The Harpies are directly South of where you fought the statues, some are flying and some are on the ground.


Astoissi has asked you to exterminate the harpies from the islands to the south of the haven in Oceanus Hesperos.


These Harpies were yellow to level 39 and aggressive, be aware of ones flying in the area as to not get swamped.


We are done, head North back to Oceanus Haven to hand the quests in to Wicoessa and Astoissi.