DAoC: New Frontiers – Hibernia

Rob aka Grakulen joins the BioWare Mythic team in a run through New Frontiers playing Hibernian characters, watch the video or view the highlight screenshots in this first part of the coverage.

Edit: Sorry folks, there will be no Part 2 for transcription, but feel free to watch the videos below.



Screenshots and descriptions for key events during the stream.

To start off the stream Rob shows off the NPC created in his honor by the BioWare Mythic team for services rendered to the Dark Age of Camelot community.

His guild tag is a Corps Emmissary (we know there is a spelling error here and have reported it), the Corps part of it relates to Rob spending a large potion of time in the marine corps.

He is located in Tir na Nog, outside Alainn Cuir inside a storehouse opposite.

Next are introductions by the BioWare Mythic team and group formation.

Rob playing as Grakulenn a Hero
MMORPG.com host of Wayback Wednesday

Talal Saad  playing as Eldarii a Hero
DAoC Developer

John Thornhill playing as Kerllean a Bard
DAoC Designer

Stuart Zissu playing as Silverfox a Warden
DAoC Producer

Kai Schober playing as Staern an Eldritch
BioWare Mythic Community Manager

The group is filled with other members.

The battlegroup is formed and the warriors prepare to move out.

The battlegroup approaches an enemy held keep.

Contact is made with the Albion defenders.

Grakulenn suffers his first death becoming a flame grilled cow.


The Hibernian force retreats to the inside of a tower, leaving the cow and a few other unfortunate victims lying on the field of battle.

Some brave Hibs poke their heads out of the tower to ressurect the fallen.

The Albs circle back around and catch the over extended Hibs, Grak takes a nap on the floor.


The Albs lay siege to the tower that the Hibs are hiding in.

The tower door is destroyed and the Albs storm the tower, killing the defenders.

The battlegroup returns defeated to the border keep, where they regroup and set out again.

Mids are sighted on the horizon, the Hibs give chase and defeat them.

The Hibs move to siege a keep, and a cow climbs the walls.

The cow stalks the courtyard.

With the outer and inner doors broken the Hibs rush to the lord and defeat him to recapture the keep for their realm.