A Guide to DAoC’s Mounts

A Dark Age of Camelot guide to buying a personal mount which were introduced in Darkness Rising.

As I levelled up mostly in the Battlegrounds on my Animist and only recently returned to experience the PvE content I was without a mount.

Basic Mounts

Note: Since the Patch 1.88 patch the basic mounts are free, you no longer need a voucher.

Each realm will have their own version of the quest, but this is from the perspective of Hibernia.

There is also a horse available in the New User Journey, and I will add that when I have the information.

Basic Mounts are available at level 10 from your capital city via a very very short quest.

  • can move at 135% of normal speed
  • cannot be equipped with armor, barding or saddlebags
  • cannot be named
  • cannot be summoned in New Frontiers zones.


To purchase a Basic Mount, head to the capital city from a teleporter.

First head to the stables in your capital city.

Next talk to the Royal Stable Master

The Royal Stable Master tells you to visit the Stable Master in the nearby town of Mag Mell (in Hibernia, differs for other realms) to collect a Saddle for your mount.

Talking to the Stable Master in Mag Mell he will hand you a Saddle.

Head back to Tir na Nog and give the Saddle to the Royal Stable Master.

The Royal Stable Master will direct you to finishing the quest.

Mount Preview

The Royal Stable Master will give you a Chestnut Horse item.

Pressing the Info button will receive further information.

The Standard Chestnut Horse mount preview.

Advanced Mounts

Advanced Mounts are available at level 45 for a 1 Platinum purchase or 1000 Bounty Points.

  • can move at 150% of normal speed
  • can be equipped with armor, barding and saddlebags
  • can be named
  • can be summoned in New Frontiers zones.

Instructions – Buying with Platinum

To purchase an Advanced Mount, head to the capital city from a teleporter.

You will teleport near the Kings Throne Room.

Turning around you can see the door to the Kings Throne Room

Speak to the guard in front of the doors to gain entrance.

As you enter the Throne Room you will see a NPC standing to greet you.

A Quartermaster’s Aide will be nearby. Right-click to open the merchant window.

There is a Chestnut Horse available for 1 Platinum.

Note: There are other mounts that can be obtained, I will add more information as I find them.

Champion Levels 1-4

  • Champion Level 1 (3 Platinum): Grey Horse, Spotted Horse, Chocolate Horse, Bay Horse
  • Champion Level 2 (4 Platinum): Palomino Horse, Black Horse, Silver Horse
  • Champion Level 3 (6 Platinum): Chestnut Warhorse, Spotted Warhorse, Bay Warhorse, Grey Warhorse
  • Champion Level 4 (8 Platinum): Palomino Warhorse, Black Warhorse, Chocolate Warhorse, Silver Warhorse

Champion Level 5

Requires 15 Platinum and a quest.

  • Undead
  • Unicorn (Grey, Silver, Black, and Rainbow)
  • Nightmare
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Storm

Instructions – Buying with Bounty Points

To purchase an Advanced Mount for Bounty Points, head to the border keep from a teleporter.

In Albion this is called Castle Sauvage, in Midgard it is called Svasud Faste and Hibernia it is called Druim Ligen.

There will be an NPC in the surrounding area with a tag of Bounty Master

A selection of items are on sale in this store, but for 1000 Bounty Points you can purchase a Chestnut Horse.

Mount Preview

The Chestnut Horse Item

The Chestnut Horse delve

The Chestnut Horse mount preview.

Using Your Horse

Once you have the horse item

Type /mount to open the mount window

Left-click the icon of the horse item, and then left click on the Active slot in the mount window

Then left-click the icon in the Active slot and place it on your quickbar.

Click the icon to summon your horse, it will take about 2 seconds.


Courtesy of Classes of Camelot.

  • Horses cannot be summoned indoors or in certain other locations, such as on the rope bridges or the relic gates of New Frontiers.
  • If you are mounted and move into these areas, you will be dismounted. You will also be dismounted upon entering combat.
  • If a group member is playing a speed song that is faster than your mount’s base speed, the mount will move at the same speed as the speed song.
  • Sprinting on a horse increases your movement by the same % as when spriting on foot, and takes the same amount of endurance.
  • Horses cannot dive underwater, although they can swim at full speed.

Mount Equipment

Courtesy of Classes of Camelot.

In the mount window you can also equip your horse with armor and barding – assuming you meet the Champion Level requirements:

  • Barding requires Champion Level 1.
  • Saddles require Champion Level 1.
  • Heavy armor requires Champion Level 5.

When you put armor or barding on a horse, it remains attached to that horse until you move it. If you have a horse equipped with a saddle and barding and move that horse into your inventory, the saddle and barding will not reappear in your inventory nor remain in the /mount window. They will still be attached to that horse item, and will still be equipped if you move that horse back to the active slot.

Armors can be dyed using enamels; bardings can be dyed using cloth dyes or can have a guild emblem attached.

Most armors and all bardings are crafted; click here to see a list of recipes and costs. Armors require 1000 metalworking to create, and bardings require 1000 clothworking.


Starting at Champion Level 2, you also get access to saddlebags – one for every Champion Level beginning with 2. Each saddlebag holds four items, for a total of 16 by Champion Level 5. Your saddlebags can carry a total of 200 pounds no matter what horse you’re riding or what your character’s stats are.

You activate saddlebags by having one crafted for you (they require 1000 leatherworking), selecting it, and typing /use. At that point the saddlebag will disappear from your inventory and your horse will have a page of slots activated.

You can only use your saddlebags when mounted – which makes no sense, but is presumably to stop people from having a mini-vault available to them at a moment’s notice. Saddlebags move between horses, unlike armor and barding; you only need to activate each saddlebag once, but you are limited to just those four saddlebags – no horse-switching to access different ones.

Naming Your Mount

You can use /namemount to name the currently active horse, but this name will be visible only to you and only in the /mount window.

Note: Previously it was going to be part of the examine message when you target a player.

Horse Emotes

/horse courbette
/horse pet
/horse rear
/horse startle
/horse trick
/horse graze
/horse nod
/horse halt