DAoC: Trials of Atlantis – Artifacts

A quick Dark Age of Camelot guide to receiving Artifacts.

You will need to purchase artifact credit and the story, and then activate the artifact itself.

All of the following takes place in the Hall of Heroes in Atlantis. To get there select to teleport to Oceanus and then walk up the hill towards the blue portal.

To receive an artifact, first buy credit for the encounter from one of the NPC’s.

You can use Bounty Points or Atlantean Glass.

Left click on the icon for the artifact credit, and then left click on Aphaestia to hand it to her.

Delving the credit with Shift  + I confirms that this is the right action.

The text that is shown after you give the credit token to Aphaestia.

Then find the correct Sage for your artifact.

Select the name of artifact you want to receive.

Left click the icon of the artifact book from your inventory to pick the book up.

Left click the NPC to hand over the book.

Check your inventory for the artifact.


Even after receiving your artifact, it will not be as powerful as it could be.

You will need to kill any sort of enemies and level it up, use Shift and I to check it’s current status.