DAoC’s ToA Glass Quests in Mesothalassa for levels 40 to 50

Grakulen has a bad habit of making me re-subscribe to Dark Age of Camelot and level my character in parallel, even though I never make his events.

As I was getting nearer to level 50 I wanted to get started with my Master Levels and Artifacts. I could not find any further information on what to do when in game and Google Searches just listed posts that were no longer accessible due to the forum move.

So to help new and returning players I have created a brief post covering my encounters and what I did as a level 46 Animist. Feel free to make any suggestions in the comments section below.

Trials of Atlantis Repeatable Glass Quests

In Game Update 1.111 a set of repeatable quests were added to the Trials of Atlantis that awarded Glass. They were for the level ranges:

Between Levels 30 and 44:

  • Oceanus 
    – Astoissi and Wicoessa in Oceanus Haven.

Between Levels 40 and 50:

  • Mesothalassa 
    – Sirina, Noula, and Mylia in Mesothalassa on the central island.

Between Levels 45 and 50 :

  • Stygia
    – Scout Relion (Albion), Hunter Relion (Midgard), Ranger Relion (Hibernia) in Stygia Haven and the Sphynx, Inarus.
  • Volcanus
    – Algmar and Sudari in Typhon’s Reach.
  • Aerus
    – Captain Chryse in Aerus Haven and Eliana in the Green Glades.


This guide contains my run through of a quest from the 40 and 50 level range.

From most of the teleporters in the world you can choose to teleport to Oceanus Haven.

You will arrive in Oceanus Haven facing some Channelers and a Djinn Stone.

Turn around and you will see the Hall of Heroes.

Run into the blue light to be teleported.

After the teleportation and loading screen, turn around.

You will see there are merchants in the Hall of Heroes which sell Artifact scrolls, credit and Master Level credit for Bounty Points or Glass.

Now you know where to hand them in, let’s make our way over to the quest area.

It is the central island in Mesothalassa.

There is a boat route (blue) which passess right next to the island, but I wouldn’t advise you use that.

Head back to Oceanus Haven, the place where you first teleported in.

Turn around (east)  so you are facing the set of ruins, you will be wanting to go through in a straight line to the other side.

First you need some supplies, if you don’t have any water breathing spells visit the Poison Merchant in town. He will be in one of the buildings.

The item you will want to buy is called potion of aquatic respiration, it will allow you to breathe underwater (you’ll soon see why).

Resume your journey out the arch to the east .

Find the water breathing potion you just bought, right click it and type /use. It will grant you 30 minutes of increased swim speed and water breathing.

Straight in front of you will be a dock, enter the water to the left of the dock and press Z to dive.

There will be a creature under water called Feurbe, you can use him as you would any other Stable Master.

Right click him and purchase a ticket to Mesothalassa.

Left click the icon in your inventory and move it over him, and then left click again.

A shark will give you a ride to the island.

The shark will drop you off just off the south shore of the island.

Press space to swim to the surface, and move onto the island.

On the shore of the island will be a couple of Djinns.

You can talk to them to receive a repeatable quest to kill 25 underwater creatures nearby for 300 Atlantean Glass Cache.

The quest window.

A sample of the area you will be battling in, fighting underwater takes some getting used to.


When trying to find out how to get to Mesothalassa, my first idea was to use a boat from Oceanus Haven. The Volcanus boat took a while to arrive, and when it did it was entangled with it’s sister ship.

After boarding the boat, I saw the message that the boats had collided, which paused their travel, moments later they restarted, only to collide again.

You can use the Djinns from Atlantis to teleport to Druim Cain. Given the nature of the current Live Event, this is unwise. When I did it, I noticed a whole lot of graves and had to make a hasty retreat to the frontiers, and to Druim Ligen where there was a working teleporter.

There is no clear direction and flow towards the Master Levels, Artifacts and the Glass Quests. Something that I hope the New User Journey (Part 2) will resolve.

The quest icon on the Djinn used in the glass quest in Methothlassa is positioned too low, it rotates at her face.