The Secret World: PvP Gallery – Fusang Projects

This is my second day playing The Secret World, and today I queued up for some PvP. I wasn’t dissapointed.

From my observations it seems that:

  • You can queue up to have different bonuses that aid in a DPS, Tank or Healer role (no requirements)
  • Battles go on continuously between the 3 factions
  • You fight over respawn points and bases.
  • Faction wide buffs are updated based on the status of the objectives
  • There are kill and capture quests available
  • The quests are repeatable with a delay of around 15 minutes
  • You can turn in and pick up quests at any of the world objectives and respawn points
  • There is a healthy amount of ability and skill points as a reward

My experience:

  • The battles were quite large scale, it pays off to stay with your team
  • It did get quite laggy, will have to tone down some settings and try again.
  • I could actually kill someone
  • I died often enough too
  • I had a lot of fun


Clicking on an image will display a full screen version, and then you can navigate forward and backwards.