Hand of Skadi: Chapter 3 – Fort Veldon

Hand of Skadi is a Dark Age of Camelot series of articles which cover the Midgard PvE campaign up to level 35 from the perspective of a Norse Hunter.


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Chapter 3 – Fort Veldon

Fort Veldon is the third major area that you encounter as a member of Midgard, accessed after completing Mularn. It caters for levels 15-19.

Arriving in town I report to General Kaiven to relay the request for reinforcements from Mularn.

The General thanks me for delivering the message and allows me to keep the horse I rode in on.

He tells me some background for the fort that they are ensuring the security of the northern territory, against the vendo threat and the fire giants from Muspelheim.

He allows me a short break to get settled in the fort.

I take a moment to report to the Kara, the local Hunter’s Trainer, she has some new tricks to teach me regarding my companion.

She trains me in new abilities to communicate with my companion who is a reflection of my inner self.

Returning to General Kaiven he has a task for me, he wants me to deliver a Crate of Siege Supplies to Olgar in Killaloe.

Channeler Marteinn teleports me to the lands of Killaloe.

The view from outside of the Midgard Portal Keep in Killaloe.

I report to a Olgar, a Troll Siegemaster delivering the supplies.

Sydney, who stands next to the General has a task for me.

She requires me to exterminate the wolf spiderlings outside of the fort.

Even though I am a Hunter and are used to nature, I hate spiders with a passion.

I don’t enjoy the task, but I manage to clear the infestation, through good use of my bow.

Sydney also directs me to Kell who is an armor merchant in town, he requires some assistance.

Kell is a Dwarf, he says that I’ve come at the most opportune moment.

He needs me to kill hill cats for their pelts, whilst he works on some chainmail armor.

The hill cats don’t provide much challenge for my arrows, disappointing for my wolf companion.

When I return to Sydney, she comments on my actions in Mularn. Where I exposed Geri the Crooked during the attempted the theft of the banner from the walls of Jordheim.

She tells me that the forts healer Sveina, is looking for someone honest and pure of heard to help with a delicate situation.

Curious I approach Sveina, to hear what she has to say.

She tells me of Lunasa, her son Hrengil was killed by Geret the Cruel.

Lunasa is standing by a grave mourning.

She tells me about Geret, a Kobold Hunter who killed Hrengil.

She says General Kaiven can’t spare the resources to bring the Hunter to justice, but he can most likely direct me to find his location.

After checking in with General Kaiven hasn’t received any recent reports on Geret’s location, he suggestions I ask Sergeant Virmid.

Sergeant Virmid is standing on the outskirts of town. He tells me that he saw him not long ago running up a hill to the north, probably to his camp.

He says he’s happy to help apprehend him, if I whistle he will appear and take him prisoner.

On top of the snowy mountain I find the Kobold’s camp, I approach him and state that I want to capture him.

I whistle and Sergeant Virmid appears to capture him.

Afterwards I have a conversation with Sergeant Virmid, he agrees that capture instead of death is a fate that Geret deserves.

Returning to Lunasa she is pleased, and rewards me some items that used to belong to her son.

An impressive and large stone obelisk guarded by a vendo.

Entering town again I make my way back up to the fort Viking Oddnaugh catches my attention.

She tells me that Kell the armor merchant could use with some help.

Kell tells me that some property was stolen from him the previous night.

He saw the assailent and names her Galkvinne, and that only a single studded boot was taken.

Kell warns me that she is mad, but doesn’t want me to kill her, just return the boot.

I head off to the ruined house west of Fort Veldon and have a strange conversation with Galkvinne.

She says she is a Queen, and that the boot is a royal sceptre. When I ask her for it she admits it is a little bland, so I decide to talk to Kell about a new one.

Kell gives me an old hammer haft to exchange with the “Queen”.

She accepts the replacement sceptre and then orders me from her house, as I’ve brought in mud.

Returning to Kell he is pleased to have the single boot back so he can sell it and offers me a pair of boots as a reward.

Returning to the Fort for new assignments Viking Oddnaugh tells me to talk to Sydney the local blacksmith.

General Kaiven tells me to speak with Idona Tiu at the forge to assist the town in defence against bearfolk.

Idona mentions Fenrisulfr and how only when the gods worked together they could defeat the beast. She relates that to the realm of Midgard, and that adventurers can do well on their own but can achieve so much more when working together.

She tells me that frost wolves have been raiding supplies and asks me to kill them on the hill south of Fort Veldon and bring their paws back as proof of the deed.

I find the white wolves on the hill near the Fort and kill them to complete my task.

Sydney tells me about a problem the local blacksmith, Cornelis has been having. His apprentice quit after encountering a fire giant.

He needs special metal critical to his work. He wants me to take an insulated cask and gather some molten metal from the fissures near the Gates of Muspelheim.

The gates provide a transition between the snow of the Vale of Mularn and the fires of Muspelheim.

I collect the metal and receive a nice burn for my troubles.

Sydney informs me of a threat looming to the east near the Gates of Muspelheim. The Forts healer, Sveina has more details.

Sveina tells me about sightings of grendelorms in the Vale of Mularn.

She tells me about them, that legend says they came from the rotting arm of the beast Grendel after being left in the fields during the epic battle with Beowulf.

After a hundred years the creatures are burrowing to the surface and she feels that it is an omen that Ragnorok is almost upon us.

She wants me to defeat them, and postpone any further troubles.

Sydney tells me of trouble brewing in Bjarken which lies in the Gripklosa Mountains of Aegir. She wants me to head to Killaloe and deliver a sealed scroll to Captain Kynja.

A view outside the Midgard Portal Keep in Killaloe.

After being teleported from Fort Veldon I deliver the sealed scroll to Captain Kynja.

Captain Kynja is a Valkyn, a native of the lands of Aegir.

He thanks me for the update and I return back to Fort Veldon.

Having completed the tasks for Idona and Sydney I return to Viking Oddnaug for my next assignment.

She informs me that Gerda a merchant requires some help recovering some valuables.

Gerda wants me to recover the contents of a chest and return them to her.

She tells me the supply chest is resting on the bottom of the lake northwest of here and just south of Svasud Faste.

The longboat and supply wagon was pulled under by the spirits of the vendo that have drowned there.

From horseback me and my wolf companion look out at the lake south of Svasud Faste.

I dive into the water to try and find the wreckage.

I spot the remains of a boat and a cart in the center of the lake. Vendo spirits float nearby.

After retrieving the contents of a chest I approach Svasud Faste to take a Griffon back to Fort Veldon.

The flight from Svasud Faste to Fort Veldon on the back of a Griffon.

Returning to Gerda she rewards me with a bag of coins and a new pair of leggings.

General Kaiven has a personal mission for me. He wants me to travel to the vendo settlement to the west and dispatch a vendo fanatic, and return anything of interest that I can find to him.

Mounted on the top of a hill I look over the vendo camp to locate the fanatic.

Using my bow I pull the fanatic away from the camp where me and my wolf companion finish him.

I locate a totem to him and return to General Kaiven who finds odd markings on it.

After some time I return to him and he tells me that the totem has sparked some interest with the resident seer, Angvir.

He has been looking for the lost Runestone of Ymir and would like some help in finding it.

Angvir tells me that long ago there were nine runestones which held the essence of our world. The gods hid them away in Midgard to safeguard them.

The runestones offer protection to the world and to the gods.

The runestones of Mani and his sister Sol were destroyed and now they are chased across the heavens by wolves.

Only one runestone still remains, the Runestone of Ymir.

Midgard was created from the flesh and blood of Ymir, the flesh being the land and the blood the seas.

He wants me to gather components for a special potion.

The first item that Angvir wants me to gather is the eye of a huge vein spider.

These spiders are huge, and truely terrifying as you see them skitter towards you.

The second item that Angvir wants me to gather is the skull from a large black mauler.

The final item that Angvir wants me to gather is bile from a grendelworm.

Angvir’s plan is to question the vendo to determine the location of the runestone.

They have been in the vale longer than the realm of Midgard.

He wants me to kill the vendo shaman Snari and then drink a potion to commune with his spirit to determine the location.

Returning again to the vendo camp I clear the occupants including Snari.

I drink Angvir’s potion and find Snari’s spirit. It tells me the Runestone of Ymir is buried to the south of Fort Veldon.

Whilst searching for the Runestone of Ymir I pass a full scale invasion of vendo met by a scattering of guards from Midgard.

I locate the runestone on the ground next to a tree.

Returning to Angvir he wants me to deliver it to Petle in Audliten.

He prepares a spell to teleport me to Audliten and Chapter 4.


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