Wrath of Heroes: Patch 0.21

BioWare Mythic have announced that the Wrath of Heroes Patch 0.21 will be landing today.

This patch brings a number of interesting features and a new hero, check out the Patch 0.21 notes or keep reading for a summary.

Patch 0.21

Daily Reward Changes

  • Each day that you log into Wrath of Heroes you earn an incremental spin on the reward wheel, from 1-5 spins.
  • When you missed a day, the counter would reset.
  • This patch changes the system so if you miss a day, you only lose a spin.

A good change for casual players such as myself.

Underdog Bonus

  • When players leave or are disconnected
  • Increased damage and healing – Similar to World of Warcraft’s: Tenacity system.
  • More experience earned – Similar to Warhammer Online’s: Against All Odds system.

Why is this not in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning right now? This is an important featured.

Beat Your Best

  • Previously when you beat a record, it displayed hidden away on the profile pages.
  • Now it will display a message during the game if you beat a record.

As with most of my suggestions, I would provide rewards for beating records.

Nemesis System

If you are repeatedly killed by someone, the game will mark them with an additional icon in the game so you can target them and get revenge.

Fairly nice system, that encourages revenge. However I would provide rewards for it.

Other Changes

After a scenario and you view the last battle, you have the option to invite members of your winning team to group wi th you.

At the end of a scenario, there is an extra splash which shows how your team ranked.

New Hero – Conrad

Conrad is a Warrior Priest, a front-line melee healer.

Spotlight Video

Free Hero Changes

  • Aessa the White Lion
  • Ikkrik the Gutter Runner
  • Nethys the Vampire