Chosen: Chapter 1 – Unshackled Host

Chosen is a Warhammer Online series of articles which covers the Chaos PvE campaign from the perspective of the Chosen class chapter-by-chapter.


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Chapter 1 – Unshackled Host

I find myself exiting a Chaos Portal. Also seen exiting the portal are Chaos Fury’s and Screamers.

Dyre the Heartrender greets me, she informs me that I will prove my worth of service to Tchar’zanek or die trying.

She directs me to Skurlog Blackhorn for testing.

Skurlog Blackhorn is standing next to a backdrop of Thorshafn.

He offers me a basic task of ridding the portal area of Foul Nurglings.

The nurglings are introduced to my axe and I report back to Skurlog Blackhorn.

He sends me to report to Kaltira the Deamoncaller at Thorshafn Crypt.

A vortex swirls above me, Chaos Furys and Screamers are seen around it.

Kaltira the Deamoncaller tasks me with collecting parts of Restless Dead for use by the Hellcannon.

The dead are returned to their previous state, and I collect the body parts.

Returning to Kaltira she tells me that when warriors fight it isn’t just about their strength, but the strength of their ancestors.

She tasks me with finding weakness in their lineage from the crypt.

The crypt is at the far edge of the cemetery.

Within the crypt I find Awakened Spirits, I don’t let them interfere with my mission.

Some way inside the crypt I come across a Skaven named Vorque.

He wants me to find his sack bag and return it to him.

At the end of the room I find the Ancestral Chronicle, and I return to Kaltira with it.

She sends me to report to Oskar Hredricson for training.

Seer Thanena instructs me to feed the parts of the dead to the Hellcannons on the ridge to destroy the Dwarf Gyrocopters that are harassing our forces.

I report to The Eidolon after using the cannons, he acknowledges that I have made my strength known.

He instructs me to search the village of Thorshafn for anything of worth.

Grimnot ‘Eadbasha, a huge Orc wants me to burn down a couple of buildings in Thorshafn.

Virixa Darkwhisper, a Witch Elf  wants me to kill a number of Thorshafn Citizens.

I head across the bridge and into Thorshafn to begin my raiding.

First in my sights is the secured chest, guarded by an Empire Spearman.

I dispatch the Spearman and take the contents of the chest.

Next on the list is to burn some buildings, I find some nice ones in front of me.

They go up in flames.

Finally I look for villagers to kill, their pitchforks and spades are no match for real weapons.

The Eidolon is pleased with my work.

His next task involves ensuring that Raven Sorcerers summoning of the Daemon of Change is successful.

Arriving at the ritual site I see Raven Sorcerers summoning in the center, with Thorshafn Militamen approaching them from the outside.

I engage the Thorschafn Militamen until there are none left.

Wizard Lord Mathus makes an appearance, at that moment the Raven Sorcerors lose control and Kar’thok the Bloodhowler appears, killing everyone in sight.

Myself and a few others sent to protect the ritual engage Kar’thok and eventually defeating him.

The true test that The Eidolon has for me is to finally break the spirits of the defenders. He wants me to attack their leader. Captain Von Wilke inside the Thorshafn Tower.

After engaging and defeating Captain Von Wilke I return to The Eidolon.

The Eidolon acknowledging my use sends me south towards more slaughter.

I am to report to Surtsen the Deceiver at the Sorcerer’s Axiom.

I head south and onwards to Chapter 2.


As seen on Skurlog Blackhorn and The Eidolon, the full Chosen armor just looks awesome! I have a long way to go.

The story is very dark, I totally am not a Chaos person, however it’s something I have to do in order to fully experience the game.


For the Pillaging quest, I am tasked with stealing a chest. I killed the Empire Spearman first. But when opening the chest he says “Die Brigand” whilst he is dead on the floor.

When attacking Captain Von Wilke he suddenly became out of range and I couldn’t attack him again until he reset.