Wrath of Heroes: Free Hero Rotation Change

BioWare Mythic have announced the Free Hero Rotation for the week starting from Tuesday, 12th  June 2012 along with some other changes.

We will take the Wrath of Heroes servers offline for maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th at 7:30am EDT (1:30pm CEST). At the moment we expect the servers to be back online no later than 9:30am EDT (3:30pm CEST).


Free Hero Rotation

Last weeks rotation of Drulg, Felicia and Olwyn will be replaced by Amenadresh, Ilanya and Volrik.


Amenadresh is a Liche Priest, he is an area of effect damage dealer and healer.  He arrived in Game Update 0.20 on May 29th and is the latest hero in the lineup.

He is tagged with Area Damage and Area Heal and has 1000 hit points.



Ilanya is a Dark Elf  Sorceress who deals a great amount of ranged damage.

She is tagged with Focused and Aggressive and has 1000 hit points.


There is no spotlight video for Ilanya


Volrik is a Chaos Marauder and a melee damage dealer.

He is tagged with Combos and Control and has 1000 hit points.


There is no spotlight video for Volrik

Other Changes

  • Extended Boosts – There are now 7-day Gold Boosts and 14-day XP Boosts in the store.
  • New Bundle – There is a new bundle in the store. The Boost Bundle contains a little bit of everything for all your item needs.