Wrath of Heroes: Conrad Returns

BioWare Mythic announced that Conrad the Warrior Priest would make his return to Wrath of Heroes.

(Edit 14/06/2012):  Added Conrad’s strategy and abilities from the official post.

“My faith is my hammer, Sigmar my shield.” – Conrad will join Wrath of Heroes next week. Take a first look at the Empire Warrior Priest.



Conrad is a Empire Warrior Priest and melee healer.

He is tagged with Healing and Support and has 1250 health.




  • Conrad is a solid choice for someone looking for survivability in a Hero, as he has both armor and healing. Beware of enemies attacking with magic from a distance, though!
  • All of Conrad’s healing abilities affect allies around him, so be sure to stay with your group. Conrad is an excellent choice to run shoulder-to-shoulder with other melee-focused Heroes.
  • As a Warrior Priest, Conrad’s healing abilities come from his melee strikes. This means that his heals cannot be Silenced – a potent advantage!


Conrad in action in an earlier BETA.