My Return to RIFT


RIFT is a dynamic fantasy MMO that was released early 2011. I subscribed for a few months during that time and got to level 47 on a rogue, but without any ties to the game, and university progressing I didn’t take it any further.

I recently returned for 3 months due to the low price, an interest in reaching the end-game and the promise of an interesting pvp patch.

When I First Started Playing

  • When I first started playing RIFT last year, the graphics were undeniably pretty.
  • The dynamic content was fun, rifts opening up and zone wide invasions felt different from the quest hubs. Eventually this even gets old.
  • It felt extremely like World of Warcraft.
  • The quest accept, quest finished and levelled up are all noticeable and important prominent events.
  • The coin-lock feature was a great addition, to prevent people from hacking into accounts and stealing their gold.
     Coinlock requires entering of a code that is sent by email when logging in from a different IP address.

Since My Return

Patcher and Download Speed

It doesn’t take much for the RIFT client to be playable, they have a streaming patcher and so can head into the game in a few minutes.

This convienient way, coupled with the always open account system (RIFT Lite) keeps players accessible.

Mobile Application

Having the ability to see and chat with the guild from a mobile application is awesome.

You can also earn rewards for your character and be notified of zone events.

Server Transfers

Having unrestricted server transfers is great for communities that play together, when I first started playing RIFT I played on my own.

Since then through other games I have been associating with another community, I had no problem transferring my character over to their server within the game client.

User Interface

RIFT has in my opinion one of the best user interfaces on the market. Below are a few of my favourite parts.

New Ability Shortcut
When you gain a new ability, a shortcut is displayed on the screen so it can be dragged onto the players bar.

This is a great idea and cuts down the time it takes and the hassle of finding it in a long list of abilities.

Abilities List

The abilities list sorts spells by what they do, and makes it very easy to find the things that you want.


Instead of a cluttered menu they are grouped, this is my activities menu, showing what I can do.


Attunement is one of the tasks to do once you hit 50, it allows you to continue levelling, placing your points to gain extra bonuses.

I’m glad there are things to do at 50, but the attunement is confusing.


Chronicles are awesome, they are 1-2 player mini instances that can be done to gain rewards. They allow a way for single players and small groups to learn raid mechanics and gain gear that will help them in their progression.

I would really like to see this expanded for players of all levels, I do most of my play solo or duo.

Guild Finder

Becoming fairly common in games at the moment, I like the way this is presented in RIFT.

Guild Wall

This is a neat little feature where messages can be left for the guild to see.

Instant Adventure

This feature allows players to teleport to, and join a group of 1-20 players in a predefined zone that undetake dynamic tasks across the zone.

I cannot state how awesome I think this feature is,  being able to join the game and avoid a quest hub grind  is a lot of fun.


I don’t know too much about this feature, apart from that I am number 1 in my division. Who wouldn’t want that?

Pre-built Souls

There is a lot of soul customisation in RIFT and it can get really daunting looking at the choice. You can now pick from pre-built souls, and it even provides a guide of how to play it.


Recruitment is important for any MMO, and RIFT allows it to be done from within the game UI itself, showing the rewards and allowing the status to be tracked.

What I Don’t Like

Spawn Camped

My guild chose to be on a PvP server, this allows players to kill others anywhere.

Peoples stats and levels are such that this means they can do this without danger in respawn areas, and whilst questing to level up I found myself on a number of occasions being spawn camped by the enemy.

This for me, is the single worst part of the game for me at the moment, and must state that it’s my choice to be on a PvP server. However, having adequate protection from powerful guards at the respawn area is very important for a game that you don’t want people to rage quit from.


The end-game in RIFT is the standard World of Warcraft template, Warfronts for your PvP instances to grind gear, Dungeons and Raids to grind PvE gear.

Which for me is pointless, with new expansions, such as the recently announced one the level cap will be increased and there will be an entirely new set of gear.

The reason I returned to the game is the promise of PvP changes, and there  are big ones coming including three faction fighting in a large zone.