The Dragon, the Rift and the WARdrobe

Terrible title I know, this is an update for the games that I am currently playing. For the first time I have a subscription for 3 MMO’s open at the same time when usually I limit myself to one a month.

I am currently playing Dark Age of Camelot, RIFT and Warhammer Online.

Dark Age of Camelot

Holds a special place in my heart

Okay, I’ll admit for this one it is a free month, as part of a giveaway on the DAoC fan group.

This enables me to blog about DAoC more accurately, I even started a special series of articles covering Midgard PvE from the perspective of a Norse Hunter.


On release I levelled a character to 47 and stopped, I’ve resubbed to finish the task.

With the attention that it has been receiving lately, and lure of the future content I re-subbed for 3 months and joined my guilds RIFT branch as it was dirt cheap.

I will cover in detail more about what I like and don’t like in RIFT in a future blog post.

  • Fantastic UI
  • Graphics
  • Instant Adventure

Warhammer Online

This is a game I keep coming back to, I just love the art style and the PvP focus.

Recently the 1.4.6 patch was introduced, some bugs, some great changes:

  • Cannons attacking doors
  • New scenario groupings

Read my first impressions post

I have a blog series covering the PvE campaign too.