Dark Age of Camelot: Wayback Wednesday – Cathal Valley


Wayback Wednesday is a series of livestreams from MMORPG.com that is hosted by Grakulen, it focuses on older games.

He has done a number of videos previously for Dark Age of Camelot and this time he takes his Minotaur Hero into Cathal Valley, a battleground designed for levels 45-49.


  • Rob playing Grakulenn (Hero) MMORPG.com Wayback Wednesday Host
  • Kai Schober playing Staern (Eldritch) – Community Manager for DAoC
  • Talal Saad playing Eldarii  (Warden) Developer on DAoC for about 6 years.
  • John Thornhill playing Kerllean (Bard) Designer on DAoC, been with Mythic for 4 years.


No transcription this time, instead you can have a list of topics and watch the stream for yourself.

Disclaimer: Most likely isn’t all of the topics.

  • Introduction
  • New Relic System
    • Description of the first new Relic Raid
    • Reasons for change
  • Cathal Valley Introduction
    • Nostalgea for Old Frontiers Emain zone
  • Milegates
  • Mordred
  • Community Shoutouts
  • Master Levels in Cathal Valley
  • Population Stability
  • No level cap increase
  • Shrouded Isles dungeons
  • Mini-dings
  • PvE death penalty
  • Old Keep Design
  • New players finding groups
  • Catacombs armors
  • Usability improvements
  • Minotaur Relics
  • Patches
    • Earlier – New User Journey (PvE)
    • Last – Relic System (RvR)
    • Next – RvR Focus
  • Lurikeen – Further Classes
    • Maybe, depends on some other things


Part 1

Part 2

Notes for Grak

  • Laggy video today
    Other background processes? 😦 Were you streaming and recording? :p
  • You said you’d get a UI #liar :p
    It will make your health and their health more visible
  • Sticking to the Bard
    You improved by the end of the video, Shift – F will auto follow your target.
  • Toggle Combat Stance
    ` will toggle your combat stance, and turn off the music. You can also see that you are in combat stance by the red outline around your summary at the top of the screen.
  • When attacked from range and you don’t know where the target is
    you auto target enemies when you take damage – face shortcut is xxx?
  • Movement and camera turning can be improved
    Experiment with holding down right mouse button0
  • You learned to not attack mezzed (sleeping) people
  • Too many items
    Instead of dropping them on the floor, sell that at the merchant.  Some of the items aren’t saleable like the hero of molvik stuff. Stop being a litterbug cow!
  • Buffs
    Your group had a buffbot, and so you didn’t need to visit the buffing NPC for full buffs. A buffbot is a dedicated player character that sits in the portal keep buffing players. Their buffs are a lot better than the NPC ones.

Grakdeath Count = 10

By my count, could be wrong.

Best Moments

  • The group approaches Dun Orseo keep, the doors are open, and as they enter Kai says, “It’s a trap!” Awesome
  • Grak’s inability to climb up the milegate stairs or Dun Orseo’s ramp.