Warhammer Online: 1.4.6 First Impressions

BioWare Mythic released the Warhammer Online 1.4.6 major patch today addressing some key systems. This is a brief post explaining my experience of them in a couple of hours this afternoon.

Bolster 45

Not enough evidence, but population seems good after patch.

I only spent a short time on my warrior priest, so I can’t say for certain how this affected the fighting. What I can say was that Eataine was very popular when I logged in, it felt like Tier 1.

Let’s see how this affects things as the newness of the patch wears off.

Scenario Pop Time

Instant for the low RR bracket!

I decided to check out the new scenario groupings and logged my level 16 Shadow Warrior, I queued and was immediately offered a scenario.

Stone Troll Crossing, this is a scenario that I haven’t really played before. I really liked the way you could sneak out the side when your being spawn camped, grab the objective and still potentially win the game.

Scenario Encounters


As a level 16 I was boosted to 40, I still found that I died pretty quickly (I’m a Shadow Warrior after all), but I was able to kill a few people, even some 40’s and that made me feel good.

The renown gain was excellent, and the repeated queues after were also met with instant pops.

City Siege


First time entering I was teleported out. There were more than one instance, and seemed the same as usual. This was either not released or is just broken, some people reported over 60 destruction in their instance.

(Edit) Cannons


Being able to take down a keep door with a cannon is great, the damage done is about 10-20% of that of a ram, it takes longer but you can get started whilst people are occupied.


Loving it!

I’m loving this patch so far, although it may have pushed the 69+ scenarios difficulty level up. No more so than usual though, I never did enjoy T4 scenarios on my main.

  • Will this lead to a healthier population with the scenario queue time pushed up? – I think so
  • Will this lead to a more healthy PvE, since low RR 40’s will still be in the same place? – Probably

Sadly I think that this will make RR 0-69 a lot more fun than 70+.

There is still a lot of work to do, and bugs that can be fixed. Although I must congratulate on what I feel is a good patch.

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