Hand of Skadi: Chapter 2 – Mularn

Hand of Skadi is a Dark Age of Camelot series of articles which cover the Midgard PvE campaign up to level 35 from the perspective of a Norse Hunter.


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Chapter 2 – Mularn

Mularn is the second major town you visit after Hafheim, and caters for characters level 10-14.

After teleportation I look around and notice I am outside a large Nordic hut, Chieftain Feidrid is standing in front of me. He bids me welcome to the town.

He states that new faces are always welcome in town as there is a lot of work to be done. King Eirik has personally assigned Feidrid with the training of new recruits.

Viking Esben has a task for me, he says that despite being close to the capital city the supply line is vulnerable.

He sends me to remove the threat caused by the skeletons outside of town.

The skeletons are walking around aimlessly near the village surrounded by other animals.

I dispatch them without problem. I then return to Viking Esben.

He would also like me to investigate a local merchant who has been acting irrationally.

I find Vinadr in the smithy, he offers me a hat which I refuse. He asks me for a favor.

He wants me to recover a lost heirloom that he suspects was taken by the hill people.

The hill people have a tent on the hill.

Killing them turns up a bracelet. So I return to Vinadir.

Vinadir is grateful and offers a leather belt for a reward, he moves off to tell his brother Gustadf.

The view of the gates of Jordheim is visible from Mularn and is rather impressive.

Oslin directs me to Finn at the blacksmith shop who has problems with a wood-eater infestation.

Finn is a Kobold, a short creature with blue skin. I think they look more alien than the Trolls.

He tells me about the wood-eater ants which are eating the wood supplies for the town, and offers me a reward for killing some of them.

Approaching the clearing that I was directed to, I notice ants swarmed around the remains of trees.

I engage them and collect their mandibles and return to Finn.

Viking Esben directs me to Viking Kreimhilde, who is responsible for Mularn’s defence.

She instructs me to slay patrolling bear men (vendos) grunts who have recently captured a tower in order to help convince them to reconsider.

The creatures look very strange, bears that stand and wear armor. Yet I find myself wanting to tame it and have it around the house.

With the patrol slain I return to Viking Kreimhilde with the news.

Oslin directs me to Danica who is looking for someone to perform a mission regarding huldu in the vale.

Danica wants me to find evidence of the Hibernian influence over the huldu in the vale.

After locating the camp, I relieve a half-crazed huldu  of his weapon that I suspect is Hibernian made.

Returning to Danica she confirms this, she thanks me and plans to take up the matter with the town council.

Viking Esben directs me back to Viking Kreimhilde to assist with the blodfelag.

She wishes me to hunt down blodfelag scouts and recover any intelligence that may provide to be useful to the defence of Mularn.

After finding a scout hidden in the tree I return to her with the battle plans.

Returning to Kreimhilde she forwards the intelligence on to Chieftain Feidrid to aid in the defence planning.

As a reward Kreimhilde offers me a weapon voucher to take to Vanh’s apprentice, Svenhilda to gain access to special equipment.

The portal to the Shrouded Isles is a impressive looking landmark outside of Mularn

Oslin doesn’t have any new jobs for me, but directs me towards Hrolf who may be having problems.

Hrolf wants me to retrieve his favourite stein from the overgrown hobgoblin that stole it.

Some people’s priorities are amazing.

The hobgoblin has the mug in hand as I approach, but once he has an arrow in him he quickly swaps it out for a hammer.

When I return with his mug, Hrolf  offers me a helmet that he’s been working on.

I forget all about his lack of realm war priorities.

Viking Esben wants me to check out some suspicious shadowblade behaviour on the outskirts of town.

I find Geri the Crooked and Freki the Deceitful near a campfire and they make me an offer.

To steal a Midgard Banner from outside Jordheim and he will give me a magical coin.

As I pick up the banner a Valkyrie Sentry approaches me, demanding me to give the name of the person to ask me to do this or face the consequences.

I have no loyalties to the shadowblade, so I give up the name.

She gives me a token to give to Chieftain Feidrid which turns out to be a nice little reward for my service.

Viking Esben sends me off again to talk to Viking Kreimhilde.

She tells me that she has learned that the Fire Giant Surt, the leader of the Muspelheim Fire Giants is behind the towns current troubles.

A guard intercepted a vendo messenger and found out that inside the captured fort is the vendo leader, Matic.

She gives me a necklace which will disguise me was a vendo so I can enter the fort and I am to search for any links between Matic and Surt.

I equip my special necklace and my appearance changes to that of a vendo, I approach the fort with caution.

I climb to the top of the tower and give Matic the Myrkky Draught.

He explodes in flames, and I make a hasty exit.

Viking Kreimhilde analyses a rune I found and determines that it is definitely a symbol of the Fire Giant Surt, and that Matic had the same symbol marked on his forehead.

Chieftain Feidrid has an important task for me, with the encroaching sloths of vendo starting to get out of hand the town needs reinforcements.

He sends me to speak to Gular, the stable master and travel to Fort Veldon delivering a mesage to General Kaiven.

As the heavens open and the rain starts to fall, I purchase a ticket from Gular.

He lends me a horse and I and head towards Fort Veldon and onwards to Chapter 3.


Quest Text Length – Some of the quests text are in unbroken large chunks and need to be split. It becomes quite a challenge to read.

Village Activity – I really like the NPC’s  in the village that are training, it makes it feel more alive and less static.