Hand of Skadi: Chapter 1 – Hafheim

Hand of Skadi is a Dark Age of Camelot series of articles which cover the Midgard PvE campaign up to level 35 from the perspective of a Norse Hunter.


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Chapter 1 – Hafheim

Hafheim is the first area in the game for Midgard characters,  you arrive here on character creation. It is designed for levels 1-10 and takes about an hour to complete.

I arrive in Hafheim at the village center, it is in the middle of night and I have to use my torch to see.There are a number of buildings with people still surprisingly awake. Geirvir the Wise beckons me over.

He explains that he is Chieftain of Hafheim and that I am here because I have sworn allegiance to the realm of Midgard. The realm is locked in a battle for domination against the forces of Albion and Hibernia in the area. I am in town to prepare for the battles ahead.

He teaches me about how to identify people who have quests for me.

After this lesson he sends me on my first task, wild boars have been gathering over the past few days and are attacking villagers.

He sends me to thin their ranks and then report to Brodira, the Gythja of Thor.

Brodira is pleased with my work, she tells me that now I have seen some action I should seek some training.

She sends me to see Zashira the Hunter Trainer for the village and once finished I should report back to her.

Zashira is my first encounter of a Dwarf, short and not nearly as hairy for a female as I feared. She is accompanied by Fluffy her wolf companion.

After some training with her I have some new equipment and the ability to call on my own wolf companion.

Returning to Brodira she informs me that Grenlock’s Sound is being invaded by Albion and Hibernia, the Hibernian ships are drawing close to the shore. General Acheren is calling for all qualified fighters to aid in the defence.

Brodira doesn’t think I’m ready to fight them just yet, she sends me on another task to prove my worth. She wants me to go to the hills in the north and slay the wolf mother Blackfang and her brood.

If I can complete the task I am to report to General Acheren for assignment.

The hills are crawling with wolves, my faithful companion leaps to the challenge and I rain arrows into anything attacking her. Several wolves later I notice Blackfang and finish her off as well.

I head back into to report to General Acheren.

General Acheren needs no more proof of my bravery and skill. He tells me that the Hibernian warships have landed and that they are setting up trebuchets.

He wants me to link up with Eylimi a Master Huntress who is concealing herself  in the area, killing any invaders that I encounter on the way.

As I approach the water I can see the Hibernian ships and their forces on the land, I can also see a number of trebuchets aimed towards the town.

After killing a number of Hibernian invaders and stealing a firing pin from a trebuchet I report to Eylimi.

Eylimi is pleased but says the invasion cannot be quelled until the Commanders are killed.

She has observed the officers setting up camp by the dock she sends me to kill them with an eye out for the Sentries and Sergeants.

With my trusty bow I pick them off from a far, when they get too close my companion joins the fight.

The Hibernian forces fall with ease apart from the Commander who puts up a strong fight.

With my task complete I head back to General Acheren.

He decides to reward me for my work he sends me to visit Dhendr the Weapon Merchant for new equipment.

General Acheren then informs me that Albion has launched an offensive on the stronghold of Thorsa Faste and he needs me to report to Commander Hreldan to beat back the invaders.

Commander Hreldan is my first encounter of a Troll, they look more human than the stories make them out to be. They appear very strong and powerful.

He tells me that the invaders are not relenting and that the company of Huscarls may soon be overrun. He wants me to enter the fray and kill enough invaders that the defenders can gain an advantage before they can reinforce.

As I cross the bridge I see a besieged tower, the walls are cracked and a ram is presented and on fire, there are people fighting around it.

As I enter the fight the sounds of battle around me fill my ears, I dispatch a number of invaders.

After the battle Captain Thorrek wants to speak with me.

Captain Thorrek says now the foothold is regained they can now maintain a solid defensive position and now we can focus on more strategic targets.

Killing the Albion Commander at the back of the tower should help things and he sends me off to do this.

At the rear of the tower I see the Albion ships, and the Commander near the edge of the water. They all fall to my arrows.

Captain Thorrek is pleased with my work and has another task for me.

Having secured the tower Captain Thorrek is concerned for Thorsa Faste.

Jarl Thorsa has long defended Grenlock’s Sound and the village of Hafheim by keeping the forces of Albion and Hibernia at bay.

The simultaneous invasion is bringing Thorsa Faste to the brink of capture, he sends me with urgency to the keep and to dispatch the Albion forces there.

The doors to Thorsa Faste are broken open and there is a huge fight in the courtyard which my companion and I join in.

After slaying enough of the enemy Lieutenant Heitrir allows me access to the inner keep.

Jarl Thorsa is thankful for my service and has a task for me, the situation at the keep is under control.

Him and his men will deal with the remaining invaders.

He wants me to report back to General Acheren and he will inform me of where else my services could be used.

Stor Gothi Soti teleports me back to the General, who is pleased with my work and says that I could be of use to the entire realm of Midgard.

He sends me to see Chieftain Feidrid who resides in Mularn.

Channeler Olofsven offers to teleport me to Mularn and Chapter 2.


The paper doll (character picture in the inventory screen), takes a snapshot of your character to preview the look. If you equip an item at the same time as you have the levelling up effect it is captured.

In the battle for Thorsa Faste there seems to be very buggy behaviours in regards to pets and the way the guards respawn. The enemy NPCs will target it as a priority first, perhaps thinking he is a guard.

Also after killing them the pet (or the guard) doesn’t seem to clear his aggro list and they attack eachother shortly after respawn.

General Acheren seems to be always returning to face the wrong way, when interacting he will face me, and then turn back to the other direction.


The new tutorial area doesn’t have voice overs like the last one unfortunately and covers only a single town, but it is a lot easier to quest in the smaller area with the new style quests, icons and rewards.

The sounds of battle at the tower is really atmospheric. It should also have been added to the castle siege.

For this article I experimented with:

  • splitting up long paragraphs –  this I feel makes the sections more readable.
  • I also tried bolding key bits of text – to allow them to be skimmed and picked up.
  • more full size imagesto help show the area.