Warhammer Online: Righteous Fury – Chapter 1

Righteous Fury – Chapter 1

Apologies for a lack of a title graphic, I have had to replace my computer and no longer have the source files.

Righteous Fury is a Warhammer Online series of articles which cover the Empire PvE campaign from the perspective of a Warrior Priest chapter by chapter.


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The story begins.

I find myself near some damaged carts with other members of the High Elves and Dwarfs alliance. I look towards the outskirts of Grimmenhagen and see flames and fighting..

A Griffon Recruiter catches my eye, she tells me she is in desperate need of my services and that her ranks are falling to the Northmen. She directs me to speak with Samuel Twitty, the Sergeant at Arms.

Samuel is pleased to see new recruits, he sends me to work immediately to slay the Marauders attacking the village.

I get straight to work and finish off as many as I can find before returning to him.

He directs me to find Lanric, a priest who has been saving villages from burning homes. Lanric tells me that there are still a number of villagers trapped in their homes and needs to be freed.

After slaying some Marauders outside the doors of burning houses, I open them to find Villagers who are very appreciative. After I am certain that I have covered enough houses I return to Lanric.

Lanric sends me to the Grimmenhagen village center for training and further orders. I take a final look back at the burning village.

I then set off for the village center up the hill.

Viktor Riese is the only man in the village with real combat experience, he states that he is losing lots of men due to the cannons being fired at them. He orders me to move to Cannon Hill and start returning fire.

As I approach Cannon Hill I admire the view over the fields of Grimmenhagen.

Arriving at Cannon Hill I see cannons set up facing a Chaos Portal, peering over the side of the hill I see the enemys artillary. I get to work on the cannons and destroy as many as I can. Cuthbert compliments me on my aim but sends me to complete the job of destroying the crew by hand.

After dispatching the crew Cuthbert informs me of the next problem, the Empire can’t afford to keep sending men down to meet the invasion and long range cannons are the solution. They are running low on cannon shot and fuse and need Alrin Bitterstone to melt down metal faster.

Alrin claims he is working as fast as he can, but that a lot of his supplies are going to support the fighting at Grimmenhagen Farm, he suggests I head over there to help out.

As I approach Grimmenhagen Farm I see Marauders are abducting villagers and stealing supplies. I wade into the battle.

After defeating enough Marauders the leaders start to appear. Once they are taken care of a huge Chaos Giant appears and a challenging fight ensues.

Viktor Riese congratulates me on my work at the farm and sends me to reinforce the militiamen at the Grimmenhagen Windmill.

On my way Ulfred stops me, he claims that Beastmen don’t exist, and sends me off to bring him some proof. After finding some Savage Gorehorn’s I collect their Horns and return to Ulfred to prove him wrong. Ulfred happily accepts my proof, and I give him a stern talking to for wasting a member of the Order’s time.

I make my way towards Grimmenhagen Windmill to rally the militiamen.I find them hiding behind the trees, after some carefully chosen words they join the fight (yes most of them die but they are doing their job). After finishing off some Raven Marauders I report my success to Sergeant Westwood.

The Sergeant tells me that the Dwarf Alrin Bitterstone is here voluntarily instead of being forced, because of a legendary smith named Granther Hammerfist, his crypt is nearby. Legend has it that he was buried with his finest hammer, and Westwood suggests that if I retrieved it for Alrin his motivation would improve.

I set off for the nearby crypt unsure what to find. On arriving I find it surrounded by Sigmundi Spirits and Nurglings. Entering the crypt I find more Spirits and bats. At the end of a large room is Granther’s Coffin, I open it and retrieve his Lucky Hammer.

Alrin is very pleased to receive the hammer and sets about with new vigor making weapons for the troops. He informs me that Viktor Riese sent a messenger looking for me with a set of orders to deliver to Esbern Weaver at the Grey Lady Coaching Inn.

I head north towards the Grey lady Coaching Inn and Chapter 2.


The quest flowed quite well, and with urgency. “We’re under attack defend things!”

The quest with the beastmen just breaks that flow, “oh by the way I know there’s an invasion and everything, but I once heard about beastmen, I don’t think they exist”. Get some priorities Ulfred.

I am considering turning off NPC names for future screenshots.


After firing the cannons for the Return Fire quest, the spell casting bar (used for reloading the cannons) displays the last spell I cast which was Divine Aid with 0.0s and doesn’t disappear. Casting the spell again clears the message.