DAoC – Lot Finder NPC

I’ve been quiet for a few days, yup. I’ve been playing some Warhammer Online, and tinkering with a solution to a common Dark Age of Camelot player problem. I think I have the perfect answer, so this is an open suggestion to the BioWare Mythic team.

Disclaimer: The suggestion is created using Dawn of Light, an open source server emulator for Dark Age of Camelot. As such the code produced is a proof of concept only, and cannot be used on live servers. I use DOL as a code sandbox which enables me to prototype various solutions.

The Problem

Dark Age of Camelot players have no way to find vacant housing lots.

The Situation

BioWare Mythic used to run a herald website, where player information, guild information, realm status and housing locations were stored. Due to security reasons (an out of date web server) the feature was removed. Currently players have to rely on word of mouth, random forum posts, or running around each housing zone on each Ywain server in order to find a house.

The Requirement

Display free housing lots.

The Solution

A lot finder NPC.

The reason for this NPC is that it runs on the server, no security concerns about data being made publicly accessible.

This NPC would sit in each Ywain servers primary housing entrance, interacting with the NPC would display a standard dialog box. It would state that the results would only be valid for this particular Ywain server, and that they should switch servers if they want to check them out.

(The NPC could search all housing servers, but for simplicity I am handling one)

  • All zones with vacant lots would be displayed, with the amount of housing in brackets next to them.
  • If a zone has no vacant lots, it won’t be listed.
  • If there are no vacant lots at all a message is displayed.

  • The zones can be clicked to have a breakdown of each village
  • The village name is displayed with free housing lots.
  • If a village has no free lots it is not displayed

Possible Enhancements

Further expansion of this Lot Finding NPC would be:

Search Interface

A cleaner ability to search for lots, based on other criteria, near a market, stable, etc. Similar to the market explorer.

Purchase Lots

The ability to purchase a lot directly from the NPC, in a similar style to the market explorer.

Teleport to Lots

The ability to teleport to lots and have a look around. (With a way to return)


The code is available for download from the Dawn of Light – User Files section. It will only work on DOL servers not live. – Link