Warhammer Online – Download Speed

Downloading Warhammer Online

Yesterday my computer decided to start switching off every few minutes, so instead of trying to fix it I bought a new one. During the absence of my PC I wanted to play some Warhammer Online.

So I started the download going on my laptop at about 1pm, by 11pm it still hadn’t finished so I went to bed.

My new PC arrived this morning so I copied over the files from the laptop and continued the install, it has taken over an hour to get 400/800 mb that I need to finish the install.

That is over 12 hours download time!

Comparison With RIFT

Now I don’t want to blame Mythic if my net is slow, so I head over to another game I want to have on my machine. RIFT. After a 30mb quick client download and a very quick 100mb patch. A quick update of DirectX and I am in the game. It took about 2 minutes. Lets compare this with the 12+ hours of the WAR install.

Now I will admit that I am not using the streaming client for WAR since I have a full account and not a trial, but I am also using a full account for RIFT.

Final Words

The entire client really needs to be made streamable, or the download speeds improved. If I wasn’t as addicted as I am to WAR this would have put me off playing the game and I would have cancelled it mid-way.

Players having the ability to jump straight into the game with a streaming client, was a great innovation by WAR, and was the first in the current long line of MMOs to do this, however limiting it to the trial is where they lag behind.