Soul Essence: Chapter 2 – Akrana’s Storm

This is the second post in a new Warhammer Online series of articles where I play a character in the Dark Elf PvE story. It is designed to be something I can do when I can’t group for the Greenskin PvE story. In this post I cover a brief description and screenshots of the Dark Elf Chapter 2 set of quests.


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Chapter 2

I pick up from where I left off in the last post covering Chapter 1, having helped secure a foothold for the Dark Elves after landing in Nemesis Landing. I head towards Akrana’s Storm to carrying a missive from Tiritha for Kerryn Darkwater.

Approaching Akrana’s Storm I can make out a large structure on a hill, surrounded by trees, and a Dark Elf camp at the base. Kerryn Darkwater is found inside the main large tent.

Kerryn tells me about first raiding the Blighted Isle 200 years ago when he was bested by Merdia Fensong, he aims to have his revenge in a special way and directs me to collect Syrth Extract from the spites in Mistwood Grove. He also sends me to retrieve a secret filled tome from Lithorial’s Tower.

Kerryn is unhappy the invasion is behind schedule, the plan was to be beyond Nimosar at dusk. The Dark Elves are hampered by Shadow Warriors , fortunately House Uthorin has the infamous Corsair Volruc Kinslayer, and sends me to join with him  to end the Shadow Warrior problem.

Other Dark Elves in the camp want to talk to me, Urathos Baneblade has noticed Akrana taking an interest in him, he warns me not to look at her or risk his punishment. He offers me a reward if I bring him a couple of rare and valuable things from Lithorial’s Tower.

Urathos has noticed that the High Elves are expending vast resources defending the Blighted Isle when it is obviously overrun, he deduces that they are trying to defend something very important. He directs me to seek it out somewhere in southern Menarhan.

Telathor Darkthorn tells me that Kerryn has forgotten what it means to be a follower of Malekith. Sacrificing secrecy for open warfare. Telathor wants to remind Kerryn by poisoning his weapons. He directs me to Mistwood Grove to locate Manbane root.

I enter the Mistwood Grove searching for Syrth Extract and Manbane and find the area infested with Venomroot Spites. I work my way through the Spites collecting Syrth Extract and find the Manbane deep within the Grove.

Returning down the path from the grove I am impressed with how pretty Lake Menarhain and Nimosar looks. Pull it together you weakling Elf!

After returning the Syrth Extract to Kerryn he informs me that his scouts have found Merdia, he directs me to use the Surth Toxin on her.

Whilst in Kerryn’s tent I poison the weaponrack with Manbane poison as per Telathors request, he is angry that I have killed the wrong target. Apparently I have killed a Uthorin Stalker, Telathor advises me to cover up my involvement by planting evidence on his body pointing to someone else.

Kerryn blames Isaeth Burningmere for the death and directs me to punish him, and complete his task by killing Arelyn Silentstep. Isaeth falls quickly to my blades. Arelyn is surrounded by spies in the hills, I wait for her to walk away from the camp and finish her off.

Merdia Fensong is a pretty little thing hiding amongst Menarhain Mages and Strongbows, I sneak up on her and use the Syrth Extract, paralysing her.

Ullaris Virdett has noticed Dark Isle Shadows spying on the camp, he directs me to destroy them. For spies, they certainly didn’t hide themselves well, and I dispatch them with ease, whilst also besting their champion Finiron Truebow.

With the spies cleared the order to attack Nimosar has been given, an obstacle to overcome is the effective Eagles Claw Bolt Thrower, and I am directed to destroy a number of them in order to ensure that the attack goes well.

I cross the bridge heading towards Nimosar and I notice Volruc Kinslayer on the hill, he feels insulted that only normal soldiers have been sent out to fight him. He wants to slay the ‘legendary’ Haydion Whitewrath, who is hiding. To force his hand he instructs me to collect Shadow Warrior heads and display them so he can see them.

After slaying number of Shadow Warriors I return with their heads and mount them on pikes. Haydion appears from behind Volruc and cuts him down with ease, sparing me, and telling me to leave. Kerryn informs me that my honor has been slighted, to regain my honor I must defeat Haydion. I head towards Nimosar to locate him and complete my other mission.

The Nimosar Guardians and Warriors fall before me as I carve a path straight to the Bolt Throwers. The final words of one of the warriors indicates that Haydion is not in Nimosar, instead defending grounds closer to the Inner Kingdoms. I head towards the front lines and am greeted with ruins.

After slaying an Adept at The Watchtower, I find a magical scroll. I decide that is a good present for Urathos. I find the Tome of l’Kar also at the tower. To complete my tasks in the area I search for the object that the High Elves are guarding. Due to the amount of defenders, a ruined pillar seems to be the focus of their defence, so I head back to report it.

Urathos wasn’t impressed with the scroll I returned, so he directs me to the Lore House in southern Menarhain to liberate valuables from the nobility there. I’m not doing well in Urathos‘ eyes, he also didn’t agree that the pillar was the the thing we seek.

The tome that I picked up from the tower was cursed, and Sorceress Ravia has a solution for me. I must search for the Skull of Kharaidon inside the Lore House. Upon picking up the Skull a skeleton attacks me.

Killing Keeper Nalsurith I grab his key and open up a chest looking for valuables, there is nothing exciting within it, so I look for more valuable things. I notice Caethlana Moonwidow, kill her and search her chest and find the perfect necklace gift.

Returning to Sorceress Ravia she reveals that she used me, that only one with a certain curse could remove the Skull. She says to remove my curse I need pure hearts of Unicorns. She finishes by stating that “There are two types of people in this world: tools, and those who use them.” I was certainly a tool.

And again! It turns out that the Tome, Skull and Hearts are all part of a ritual, gah! She summoned Kharaidon Oh well. She says the curse is gone,  she has more power and I have my curse removed and we both part ways.

Urathos finally liked my necklace gift, and plans to leave and send it to Akrana. He doesn’t believe I’ve found the source of power that the Elves are defending in the area, so sends me to Ilanya Shadowsong.

Akrana is happy that Nimosaur is under control, Khaine is pleased. She sends me towards Kulvorath who is leading a detachment of men to the southern tip of the Isle, and he has requested my presence.

Having helped control Nimosaur and increased my reputation I head towards Poisonblade Heath and Chapter 3.


I am settling down with my format now for this series. I’ve made the headings larger and bolded important names. Also there are before and after pictures of each chapter, with the after picture becoming the title image for the next chapter.

I also added a slideshow for people who don’t want to click each image. It’s a shame that I can’t hook in a nice lightbox zoomed to zoom in the smaller images within the article.

Problems With Chapter 2

Whilst at the Mistwood Grove Public Quest I noticed the skull target icon on an un-targetable tree, I am guessing this is the boss fight for the end of the public quest, and the icon should not yet be visible.

As I am near the Repeater Bolt Thowers in Nimosar, they turn to face me, and keep facing me.

When Kharaidon died, he didn’t have an animation to show him on the floor, he stood up like a statue with his arms out.