Soul Essence: Chapter 1 – Nemesis Landing

This is the first post in a new Warhammer Online series of articles where I play a character in the Dark Elf PvE story. It is designed to be something I can do when I can’t group for the Greenskin PvE story. In this post I cover a brief description and screenshots of the Dark Elf Chapter 1 set of quests.


If you don’t like reading or can’t be bothered to click individual pictures, I have provided a slideshow below which will rotate through the pictures in this post.

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Character Creation

Keeping with the theme, it obviously has to be a Dark Elf character, that leaves me with a Witch Elf, Disciple of Khaine, Blackguard and the Sorceress. I think for solo and survivability I will choose the Disciple of Khaine, as it has a similar mechanic to a Warrior Priest, allowing it to do damage and heal herself.

There is seriously something wrong looking about some of the eyes on the Dark E;ves, and it takes a while to find a suitable face and eye colour that doesn’t look terrible. Obviously I’m playing a female.

Creating a new character I start off in Norsca, as that is part of the funnelled new user journey, I use The Rolls of Loec, an item in my inventory to transport me back to my own lands.

Chapter 1

I arrive in an area known as Narthain Beach, there are ships moving on the horizon and a large ship is being unloaded in front of me. In the distance I see a large towering city.

My Dark Elf kin are fighting with some High Elves on the beach, with some of the enemy ships docked.

Gorthan Rakar, a Dark Elf standing on the beach beckons me over. He tells me about how the High Elves have betrayed us by following a pretender king, and that today we will have our revenge.

He directs me to attack some High Elf positions across from the landing sight, and prevent them from preparing some defences.

With the Sea Guards slain I return to Gorthan, he tells me that the High Elves expect to fight with a formal line-up of armies on the battlefield. He says, why bother? and directs me to man a Bolt Thrower and slaughter them all.

Janesa is standing near to Gorthan, and tells me that we are about to make history. She directs me to climb up a hill and look down on the shore so that I can write everything that I remember down.

It is an impressive view as I look down on the ships from afar.

Gorthan directs me to see Nehmora the Hag and suggests I clear out some Dark Sprite pests along the way. There are some impressive sights as I climb the hill, including a magical tree and an impressive city.

Nehmora points me towards the Ruins of Narthain, telling me to slay the novices there, she also asks that I ambush any High Elves trying to free their captured kin.

On my way Overseer Rathus stops me, he wants to taunt the enemy and instructs me to capture one of their leaders using a magic gem. Finding a Narthain Blade-walker in the forest, I return to Overseer Rathus, who seems very pleased.

I get back to my task to slaughtering the High Elves that Nehmora requested, and then return to her. She directs me to blackmail Tiritha Venomfire.

Tiritha wants me to retrieve some missing pages from a captured book written by Narthain Mages containing a powerful spell. Orcs are charging up the hill being moved down by archers as I pick up pieces of paper from the battlefield, Witch Elf Acolytes are busy battling with Narthain Sword Novices right next to me.

Tiritha also wants me to retrieve the essence of an Aenarion Eidolon, in order to get to it I have to fight through the Spires of Narthain, which is the last bastion of Narthain in the area. It is filled with tower guards.

I find the entrance to the tower, and head inside, there are Hall Keepers waiting there to ambush me. After opening  4 tomes an Eidolon spawns, and I finish him off and begin to fight my way back to the surface.

Tiritha states that the town of Narthain is conquered and the foothold on the Blighted Isle is secured. She directs me to find Lord Darkwater. I notice other people in the town want to talk to me, so I check them out before leaving.

Beastmaster Maughann wants me to release his caged animals (Cold Ones) on the weakling High Elves. I do this and take amusement as they charge downhill.

He also wants me to slaughter Narthain Archers whilst they are distracted by Greenskins, charging them and take their shinies. I dispatch the archers and take the shineys to Thamp’zum standing on the hill watching the Orcs charge. He assures me they will be distributed fairly to the other Greenskins, yeah right….

And finally he wants me to collect Narthain Lion Flanks from White Lions to feed his Cold Ones. They are easily dispatched.

Beastmaster Maughann tells me of an opportunity to bolster my standing within House Uthorin, by killing one of the Silverlake Sisters. After plowing back through a number of White Lions I find a Silverlake Sister standing next to a tree, I jump out and surprise her, killing her and stealing her sword.

Standing on a hill near the camp is Karaa Ravenseer, she teleports me to various locations in The Blighted Isle.

The final location that I am teleported to, there are huge dragons fighting. Malphus and Sunlathir, very impressive.

Having raised my standing with House Uthorin and secured the foothold on The Blighted Isle, I set off towards Akrana’s Storm and Chapter 2.


I quite enjoyed writing and taking screenshots of the PvE story, it makes me stop and appreciate some of the pretty zones that I’m standing in, and read some of the quest text. And now I have a record of progress in a particular game and can look back upon it.

Problems With Chapter 1

A few of the animations bugged out on me when I was shooting the High Elves running towards the Bolt Throwers on the beach, most of them appeared to be running backwards, and in fact did run away, then suddenly appeared closer, and started running away again.

The Narthain Blade-walker didn’t follow me smoothly, he didn’t walk at all in fact, occasionally I had an update and he appeared next to me, but then remained standing. I will still able to complete the quest.

When fighting the Narthain Archers, their firing bow animation became confused, and the weapon kept returning to their backs.

Combat can be a little frustrating, it feels like the NPC’s are always pathing to get to you, this makes movement unpredictable, and sometimes run in front of you for several seconds before even trying to hit you.