Dark Age of Camelot – Game Update 1.112 Arrives Today

Dark Age of Camelot Game Update 1.112 will launch today, BioWare Mythic announced.

We will be bringing all servers offline on Wednesday, May 23rd, for the implementation of Patch 1.112. All servers will be coming down at 6:00 am EST / 12:00 pm CET. We anticipate that all servers will be back online no later than 5:00 pm EST / 11:00 pm CET.

Patch Highlights

The Relic system has been reworked.

The Relics of Albion, Hibernia and Midgard have moved to new Shrines, feature new visible effects, and boast updated mechanics. Be the first of your Realm to claim a Relic in this exciting and improved Relic System!

This month in Class Balance

Friars and Valewalkers have access to a rear snare style, Bonedancers learn a new ground targeted spell, and all toxic Direct Damage poisons have had their damage values reduced.

Be the Master of your battleground!

The Arbiter now provides a warning when players are about to train out of Leirvik and Cathal Valley.

Connections you can count on!

Fixed issues that could cause players to lose their connection when logging into the game, zoning, or talking to their trainer.

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