Wrath of Heroes – Free Hero Update

BioWare Mythic have announced that today the free rotation will be updated.

We will take the Wrath of Heroes servers offline for maintenance tomorrow, Tuesday May 22nd at 7:30am EDT (1:30pm CEST). At the moment we expect the servers to be back online now later than 9am EDT (3pm CEST).

Last week the free heroes were: Aessa, Felicia and Nethys. (Link)

This week they will now be: Drulg, Ilanya and Olwyn.


An Ogre who excels at close combat damage.

Fat… ugly… do I need to go on? :p

Check out Drulg on the Wrath of Heroes Wiki

Hero Spotlight


A Dark Elf Sorceress who deals a great amount of ranged damage.

My first character purchase, I still pull her out occasionally when Bax just doesn’t suit the team.

Check out Ilanya on the Wrath of Heroes Wiki

There is no hero spotlight video for Ilanya


The latest new hero is a Dwarf Ironbreaker, who has extreme survivability.

I have not tried Olwyn out yet, although I have faced her in a few battles. Stubborn and a pain to kill is what comes to mind.

Check out Olwyn on the Wrath of Heroes Wiki

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