Warhammer Online – PTS Instructions and 1.4.6 Screenshots

Patch 1.4.6

I recently ran around on the Public Test Server in order to catch a glimpse and some screenshots of the incoming changes to Warhammer Online.


To connect to the PTS you need to run the “testpatch.exe” file in your Warhammer Online folder.

This will patch about 160mb of changes.

If you want to transfer a character over to the PTS, you will need to log into the account management website and select the character transfer option.

Make sure you select the “Character Copy” option.

Passwatch Castle

This update ends the free reign that Destruction players had on the outer walls of Passwatch Keep. This is a tier 3 keep, and stands next to a hill with a tower on it. Enemy players could climb the hill and jump down onto the walls, they could also stand on top of the hill and fire down on the defenders.

This is a great change, as I’ve experienced it first hand.

Bolster 45

All characters in scenarios and Tier 4 RvR lakes are now bolstered to 45.

The icon is a little plain, hopefully it will be changed.

The following set of screenshots are before and after comparisons, with and without the 45 bolster. On my gimpy Rank 40 Warrior Priest (Renown Rank 76).

Inspired by Werit.

Normal Stats

Bolster 45 Stats

Final Thoughts

I am pretty excited about this patch coming, the small but noticeable improvements in my stats (30 toughness, 100 wounds, 100 willpower, 400 armor) can’t hurt in my fights.

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