Me and Idrinth have been discussing playing through the Greenskin PvE content in Warhammer Online, I re-subscribed last month and grouped up in order to give this a test playthrough.

  • The initial quests were pretty funny, it certainly made it more enjoyable to play through with someone else and being able to chat on Teamspeak.
  • The small public quests were great and a challenge, but as we progressed to the larger ones the 80 kill amount started to look daunting. I’d like to tackle these with a larger group.
  • We only realised to queue for scenarios later on in the session, and found it interesting to change perspective to the Destruction side instead of Order
  • We also ventured out into open world pvp. I enjoyed this, had a good fight vs a group of Order and an impossible for anyone to win fight vs a Warrior Priest. It’s a shame there aren’t more quests and objectives in the area.

I am looking forward to trying some of the larger content with a group, I really love the public quest system and wish it was expanded, perhaps in the form of PvP lake public quests.

The plan at the moment is to run through again tonight at 6pm UK time playing a Greenskin character on the Karak-Norn server with as many people as we can find.

Let me or Idrinth know if you want to join us.

Current Signups:

  • Black Orc – Etaew
  • Shaman – Idrinth
  • Undecided – Overdriven
  • Possibly 2 or 3 others.