Eateh the Bully

Tonight was our second session of the Warhammer Online Greenskin PvE play through. Me (Black Orc) and Idrinth (Shaman) were joined by Nehnax (Shaman) and Aqik (Squig Herder). We finished off Chapter 2 and 3 (PQ’s and Quests) covering the public quests of Ironclaw Camp, Sacred Grove and Kron Komar Gap, with some added scenarios (notably ones with 3 Warrior Priests working together who were unstoppable).

I really was impressed with Kron Komar Gap, the competitive nature of PvE when you are trying to rack up kills next to order players for a public quest is something that I’ve not experienced before, and wonder why there isn’t more of it. The PQ itself was challenging as a 4 man team,a visiting Witch Elf joined us on our second attempt to add some much needed DPS. I much prefer the PQ’s where mobs charge at you and you can stand there and feel like your in a battle and fight constantly.

I’m finding playing in a group a lot more rewarding for the PvE side, I’ve been used to doing it solo which is pretty time consuming. There are some fantastic public quests out there and I’m glad I am able to experience them now. Thanks to those that attended, couldn’t have done it without you.

This type of event I class as a great success as it makes me eager to log on to my Black Orc whenever other people are around. I’m not sure when our next play session will be, there may be a mid-week session, or it may just be a weekend deal. I do feel like I have missed a lot not playing through the game on release, when the PvE zones were filled with players, playing solo just isn’t the same.

I was even able to capture 4x more screenshots than the last play session, I am improving!

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