Warhammer Online – Version 1.4.6 Test Notes

BioWare Mythic today announced a new version coming to the Warhammer Online – Public Test Server. Version 1.4.6 will be deployed tomorrow (May 17th) and contains some gems in the notes, some of these won’t be a suprise as they were described beforehand in the shortlist thread by Keaven. Key changes for me are the following:

  • Keep doors are now vulnerable to single-target deployable siege. 

This is a great idea, this may mean that doors are able to be damaged earlier in a siege, and we are not all idle when a ram is being taken (or re-taken) to a keep.

  • Siege engines inside War Camps now deal massive damage to enemy players. 

Bye warcamp camping? I really like this idea.

  • All Tier 4 lakes will now bolster players to Level 45.

It will be interested to see how this affects fights versus high renown rank groups.

  • Players that die in a Keep area (enemy or friendly) will respawn in their Keep while players that die in the RVR Lake will respawn in the Warcamp.

Controversial, it will change the way defences are handled, and will have to been looked at carefully to see if this actually increases enjoyment and difficulty to defend a keep.

  • Only one new city-invasion instance will be created within a set amount of time.

I really like this change, although the implementation must be correct, there must be a way to view the progress of a city siege (active, time remaining etc), and when there will be another one available.

  • With this version we have changed the brackets for the Scenarios.  They are now based on either character level or Renown Rank, depending on the bracket.

This is quite a radical change, it looks like Tiers 2 and 3 have merged into a single set of scenarios bolstered to rank 40, which I do like the idea of.

  • The line-up of scenarios that are permanently available has changed. 

My favourite scenario Gates of Ekrund has gone!!!! A 6v6 Scenario!! 😦

  • The flight cinematic has been removed when traveling using the Flight Masters.

Excellent, pointless.

  • Buffs applied by Booster Pets will recalculate appropriately as your base stats change.

Good, but in the end I don’t think it will have mattered much.

  • The hill between Verentane’s Tower and Passwatch Castle should no longer be passable.

Love! this has been so annoying.

Read the full patch notes.


It will be interesting to see how these changes affect gameplay, I am torn currently with the newer games coming out whether I am to re-subscribe when this hits live, it will probably happen. I don’t see any major exploits being fixed, I certainly want to make sure the apprentice bolstered tier 4 potions are no longer used in tier 1.

What do you folks think about this patch? Any development is good development? or too little too late?