DAoC – What If Item Tooltips Were Improved?

The latest article in the Dark Age of CamelotWhat If series, this first set of posts focus on the interface being more player friendly. In this post I look at item tooltips; the current state of them, how other games have them, what they could potentially look like in DAoC and what kind of work could be needed to make the changes.


Display item information in a more accessible format. Removing the need to right click on an item – press the associated info button and read a static pop-up window.

Current State

Currently items display only basic information when you hover over them, nothing related to the items abilities magical or charges.

Right clicking the item you are presented with exactly the same information

And then pressing the information  button you see

It’s my opinion that the information displayed, although useful, isn’t the most important information to be displayed. In the case of equipment, it would be bonuses, and in the case of usable items, it would be the spell descriptions that go with it.


Now we look at how item tooltips are handed in other popular games.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has to be referenced first, I feel it set the standard for information display.

Warhammer Online


Star Wars: The Old Republic


Vanesyra created an interesting way to display DAoC items on the Dark Age of Camelot Wiki.

My opinion is that this is still too cluttered, and information is presented all in the same style and weight. Some information is more important than others.

Basic Weapon

Personal Bind Recall Stone

Item With Charge

Item With Proc


Using the detailed tooltips allow for extra item comparisons, although that could possibly be covered in a later article. For the scope of this article I will deal with the item tooltips with information only.

The information at the bottom of the tooltip is important, but could possibly be condensed, with icons for quality, condition and durability appearing next to percentages.

Effective damage could also replace the damage amount at the top of the tooltip.

What do you think about these proposals? Do you have any ideas about important information that should be displayed? Should the tooltips priorities with sizes be changed? Let me know with the comments below.

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