Dark Age of Camelot: What If There Were More Effect Tooltips?

For my first article for the Dark Age of Camelot: What If series, I wanted to look at the game through the eyes of a new player. Certainly myself as I return from years of not playing.

Information retrieval is important for the player, to gain from an overview the effects that are applied on the character.. As a player of modern MMO’s I look to my effect list to see various effects applied to me, and DAoC could certainly do more to become more friendly to new and returning players.

The following are a few things that stick out to me:


Simplify the display of bonuses to the player character instead of hiding them behind additional screens.

Current State

Currently bonuses can be viewed in two ways, the /bonuses list which produces a basic text output, and the realm war outpost bonuses list, which is better formatted.


Warhammer Online shows certain  bonuses as effects and some in seperate interface.

World of Warcraft is very heavily focused on effects and tooltips.


So what could DAoC show as effect tooltips? We definitely wouldn’t want to show any item bonuses.

Below are the types of effects that would be justified:

  • Server wide changes
  • Zone wide changes
  • Area wide changes
  • Player wide changes
The justification behind these tooltips are to inform the player the bonuses they are receiving in a certain area (to drive them to it). To inform them about something they need to do (repair/train/heal). Or simply to provide a visible incentive for them to perform certain actions, like grouping.


In my experience it is trivial to create an effect, assign an icon and have a name. You can see this used a lot since patch 1.110. I think having information like this would really allow new players to receive more feedback from their interface.

The slightly more complicated part is the way descriptions are implemented, as these are all sent to the client, so dynamic text would be out unless incorporated into the name. The difficulty would also scale with the amount of tooltips that are introduced, as they would have to be hooked in various different places in the code. It would also be hard to find room for extra icons, a fully buffed player can easily have 3 full lines of buffs.

What do you think about the addition of extra effects to display information? Is the buff bar already too crowded?

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