Dark Age of Camelot – Call to Arms

Last night Rob aka Grakulen joined up with Kai Schober and Talal Saad of BioWare Mythic to spend around 4 hours in the Dark Age of Camelot – Molvik battleground. This battleground is a single zone where people of the three realms levels between 35 and 39 can fight it out for realm and bounty points.

Watch the Video Here

Whilst preparing for this series I had an urge to play DAoC. I tried to re-subscribe last night and was presented with the 14 day free trial, which is a shame as I wanted to give them some money. However I believe if this was more visible, or perhaps if there was an email notification is sent out informing people that they are eligible for free time, that it would draw some older people back into the game.

Despite the late time in the UK I spent 6 hours or so running through the new user experience to get to level 35 to join them. It was a very enjoyable evening and rekindled my enjoyment of DAoC, howeverI did regret my choice of melee DPS class. I think battlegrounds are for me, there is no way I would be able to compete with the higher realm ranks of the frontiers.

Setting up BobsUI

Since Rob was having some trouble getting BobsUI set up correctly, here is a screenshot tutorial.

Step 1 – Download the UI

You want to choose the complete version, this will be the most configurable. You will download an archive, so extract it to a folder that you can remember and find again to.

Step 2 – Find your DAoC Directory

Next you want to find and navigate to your DAoC folder, mine is C:\Users\Public\Games\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot” but yours is probably different.

Step 3 – Go to your DAoC UI Directory

This is a directory called “ui” in your main DAoC folder.

Step 4 – Move BobsUI

When I extracted BobsUI it put all the files in a directory called “custom”, move this entire folder into your DAoC UI folder.

Step 5 – Configure BobsUI

If you go into the “custom” folder you will find an application called “OptionsChooser.exe” run this application.

You are presented with a ton of options to configure on the left hand side, double click on an option to expand the folder into choices. Click on the tick to the left of the text to set an option.

Options that I changed, but this is entirely to taste:

  • Chat Font. (Calibri)
  • Dialog Skin (WoW)
  • Floating HealthEndPwr (WoW)
  • Healers Helper – Style –  Horizontal (Style 2)
  • Mini Group (WoW)
  • Quest (Style 2)
  • Quick Bar (Style 3)
  • Summary Style (WoW)

Step 6 – Launch the Game

Once you have selected the options you want, launch the game.

Remember you can open the OptionsChooser application at any time that you want to change the styles.

Once you are at the character select screen, press the Options button at the bottom. Find the group for Interface, and Skin Choice, and select Custom Skin.

Click Accept and you are all set, head into the game, to see how the UI looks. You can toggle the new windows using the new icon on the top-right of the screen, next to where the group menu is. If you don’t like it, change it.

Here are some of the options I chose, I’m still not entirely happy with it, so I will tweak it some more.

Hope that helps some of you who were having trouble getting a new UI set up.

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