Wrath of Heroes: Game Update 0.19 – Screenshots

Game Update 0.19 is now live, I’ve just got out of my first match and am ready to share with you what I’ve experienced. Check out my initial thoughts on reading the patch notes.

The first change you will notice on logging in is that the launcher has changed, now there is a link to the latest news.

Next you will notice the daily spinner, the text for gold is bigger.

There is now a new icon in the top-right, showing the potions you have available. Clicking on any icon will take you to the store page.

The hero pages are now differently laid out.

  • Masteries are now always displayed on the left
  • The hero background text and stats are now hidden, it appears as a mouseover on the button in the bottom right of the first image.
  • The summary of the hero appears better, showing their two word description, army and passives.

The tutorial now gives basic lobby and mastery information, and appears in a better colour.

When you are queuing there is an estimated time

When you load into the scenario, the character list shows rentable heroes.

When you die in a scenario, you can also see what heroes your current team, has as you are making your next decision.

When you finish a scenario and view your previous game info, it prompts you to buy the hero you rented.


I am loving the UI improvements, and I seriously like the renting hero feature, it just depends if people will choose to spend their gold on it. What do you think about this patch?

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