Dark Age of Camelot – What If?

I’ve been planning a regular series of articles based on hypothetical changes for Dark Age of Camelot, these could range from battlegroup user frames or a new quest list. I think I’ve narrowed down the format I would like, so here is a template post explaining what they may look like. I hope to be able to get some feedback from players and staff as to the feasibility of these suggestions. Some of course, will never happen, but it may be fun to explore the options.


Here I would talk briefly about the concept that I would like to  introduce, and the reasons behind it.

Current State

In this section I would explain the current state of the proposed feature, whether it exists or not, and most likely provide some screenshots from DAoC.


This section would show a comparison of the suggested feature on other games, with commentary critiquing the different styles. There would be screenshots to illustrate points.


A screen mock-up would be created and explained to give some visual identification to my proposal.


I would put a label on the difficulty of the proposal to estimate, based on the requirements scripting, core, database, client side or server side.


A conclusion of the suggestion as whole.

Let me know what you think about a series like this, if there is interest I will create a sample article for a topic, and provide a chance for you to vote on the next item on the list. (Yes I’ve just found out WordPress integrates polls nicely and I want to try it out.)

Possible topics include:

  • Target Tooltips
  • Item Tooltips
  • Floating Combat Text
  • Quest Log
  • Unit Frames
  • Show Target Effects
  • Public Quests
  • Launcher
  • Character Menu
  • Inventory Page
  • Character Page
  • Guild Page
  • Group Finder
  • Guild Finder
  • Minimap
  • Full Screen Map
  • Reputation Screen
  • Loot List
  • Dungeon Guide
  • House Finder
  • Global Cooldowns
  • RP Leader List
  • Battlegroup frames
  • Home Invasion
  • Dungeon Finder
  • Battleground Instances
  • Warhammer Style Stealth
  • Base Classess
  • Auto Self Cast
  • Weekend Events
  • Level Cap Increase
  • Achievements
  • Background Music
  • IRC Integration
  • Social Network Integration
  • Free to Play
  • Freeshard
  • Realm Icon Nameplates
  • Loading Screen
  • Out of combat channeled regeneration
  • Casting Timer
  • Casting Interruption
  • Item Using

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