Wrath of Heroes – Game Update 0.19

Today BioWare Mythic released the patch notes for Game Update 0.19, this is due to be released tomorrow.


  • New Hero
  • Hero Rental
  • Slot Masteries on Free Heroes
  • Out of Combat Potions
  • Expanded Tutorial
  • Queue Changes
  • Queue Wait Time


Olwyn is an Ironbreaker that will be introduced in this patch, see the spotlight video.

Hero rental will cost gold, which is good to find a usage out of it, and may help out if people are struggling to afford their next hero. However, with another way to spend gold it may become even harder to afford the heroes that you are saving up for.

Being able to slot masteries on the free heroes is a great idea, it makes the heroes feel less cheap and undesirable in groups. There is enough reason to buy a hero, as the free hero rotation will change, and you won’t be able to buy that heroes own masteries.

I summed up my thoughts on the out of combat potions earlier this week, my concern was that the indicator to use a potion wouldn’t be visible enough if it was out of combat. The potion will be greyed out if it is unusable, and then light up green if it is, so this addresses my concerns.

The queue changes are great! I often queue solo, and so this patch will make it more likely that I will group with and face other solo people in the scenarios. Although there are always dangers with the wait indicator, it’s nice to know an average time, however it may cause people to leave if it appears long.

I will provide a more detailed coverage of the patch items once it lands.

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