DAoC – Grakulen Trains for Molvik

Earlier today Rob aka Grakulen got in some training for his Dark Age of Camelot – Molvik event with Kai from BioWare Mythic. The event is scheduled for:

Tuesday, May 8th – 9:30 PM EDT.

He streamed a 2 hour session levelling with a group in the battleground, an archive of the video is now available over on MMORPG.com’s TwitchTV channel.

Watch the video here.

Advice for Rob

From watching his video I would like to offer Rob the following advice:

1. Attack Button

Pressing a style will trigger combat mode, pressing the attack button on the floating target window will turn off combat. I’ve seen you press a style, then press the attack button, leaving you standing there doing nothing.

2. Attack Distance

The attack distance is fairly short,  it’s easy to miss but the message xxx is too far away to attack will appear in the combat log. I’ve seen you spend some time just out of melee range missing some valuable DPS time. The first thing you should do in combat is to stick (see 5).

3. Hastener

Hastener pronounced Haste-en-ner (can listen here)

4. Battlegrounds

To help explaining Molvik, Thidranki etc, they are known as battlegrounds, seperate zones, non-instanced, that a certain level range (pre-50) can teleport to in order to RvR.

5. Quickbar

Your bar is really cluttered yet I only see you using 2 or 3 abilities, my suggestion would be to drop all the other abilities that you don’t use. This allows you to find the ability you want in a rush, or even move them to the 1-2-3-4-5 keys, and press that during combat. An example of this is the bar shown above, from Wrath of Heroes.

To remove an ability from your bar, hold down shift and right-click the icon.

I would choose slot 1 as stick, this makes you close to combat distance with your target, and is also good for following a group member. The rest of your buttons should be your most common combat abilities in priority order. So a combat flows like this:

  • Button 1 – Sticking to enemy
  • Button 2 – Best combat style (automatically turns on auto-attack)
  • Tab – next enemy
  • Button 1 – Stick to enemy etc

When choosing which ability to place on your quickbar, look at the requirements in the tooltip, if it says, it requires being at the side, its often not a good idea to use it as it requires positioning, or if it requires another style first, it can often forget your rotation in combat. The mini icons on the styles themselves hint towards the requirements for the style.

I believe you can make a stick button for your quickbar, by shift left clicking on the stick button on the floating target window. Failing that, shift left clicking on the stick button in the command bar, accessed by ;

6. UI Position

The positioning of your windows could be optimised, such as showing your own health and your targets health closer together on the screen. So you can glance at the same screen area and know when to run or when to press the attack.

To move a window, shift left-click drag the window. Failing that, move your mouse to the top left of a window, to click and drag.

7. Release Window

It may spoil my screenshots, but how about having it center screen? You seemed to struggle to find it on some occasions.

8. Nameplate Colours

A reminder of the nameplate colours

  • Red – enemy player
  • Light blue – friendly pet
  • Yellowey-goldey – group member
  • Blue – friendly player

9. Necromancers

Necromancers are the wispy ghost like things that are from Albion, they are always accompanied with a pet, this pet must be attacked first before the necromancer can be attacked.

10. Specialisation

You currently have specialisation in Large Weapons, Blunt and Shields. When in combat you never seem to switch between using  blunt weapon and shield as well as your large weapon.

So you may want to respec those points.The main things you should focus on are Large Weapons (your main styles with a big weapon) and Parry would be a good idea, means you parry peoples attacks more often.

There is a respec all button at the bottom of your training window if you do decide to do this.

Final Notes

I’m not convinced your XP is off, use the /xp off command. /xpoff was an old command that was removed, and /xp without arguments turns it on. You will see a message saying that the XP is turned OFF.

Your doing a great job Rob, bringing awareness to the game, and I can see you definitely improving since your first videos. I am glad you are enjoying the game.