DAoC – Molvik Dev Run (Stream)

Rob aka Grakulen will be joining BioWare Mythic, for a MMORPG.com livestream for the Molvik battleground.



Rob likes to play old games. In his series Wayback Wednesday he samples these older notable games.

Location and Date:

Molvik Battleground – Tuesday, May 8th – 9:30 PM EDT


To enter Molvik:

  • A character Level 35-39
  • Realm Rank up to and including 2 Level 5
  • /xpoff – turn off XP
  • /rpoff – turn off RP


  • John Thornhill a DAoC designer, and Kai Schober the BioWare Mythic community manager attended.
  • Played on Hibernia.
  • Rob played a Minotaur Hero, Kai a Celt Bard, and John a Celt Valewalker (could be wrong).
  • 3 hour Thidranki group.
  • Impromptu Q&A session. (So have some questions ready for the chat channel)

You can choose to:

  • Watch – The stream will be available with only a minimal delay on the MMORPG.com TwitchTV channel.
  • Help – Join in the group or zerg with Rob and Kai.
  • Fight – Join the opposing realms and kill Rob and Kai.

(Edit) 23:45 06/05/2012 – Added Event Time