Wrath of Heroes to sell Potions

Yesterday Kai posted on the Wrath of Heroes website some information on the upcoming patch due May 8th.

Not only will you be able to rent heroes, but you can now equip health potions to get back into fights a lot faster.


Personally I have been in the situation where I win a fight on low health and hide in a corner waiting to regenerate, sometimes I have been picked off shortly after. Having a potion that is usable outside of combat allows you to get back into the fight quicker. One problem I foresee is that there is currently no indicator that you are in combat, so one way I can see this working is if the potion icon is greyed out during combat, and lights up when you can use it.

Renting heroes is a strange concept, and I’m not sure how it will be implemented or what I think about it. I feel it may cheapen the drive to  buy more heroes and lessen the importance of the free hero rotation.

What do you think about non-combat potions and renting heroes?