Normal Service Resumes

I’ve been silent for the 2 weeks completing my dissertation, the deadline has now passed and I have finally caught up with my sleep, I can start covering things again.

Here is my summary of the notable news from Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Onine: Age of Reckoning and Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes for the past 14 days.

The top RP earners for April has been posted and also 1.112b patch notes for Pendragon, these changes are a  result from the relic test event ran last month. Change summaries are as follows:

  • Relic keep lords and elite envoys have more health and damage
  • Protections against enemy plays jumping on realm steps in Darkness Falls
  • Battleground quests no longer reward bounty point scrolls, they reward the bounty points straight away.
  • Real timers are not set on realm selection (I presume they are now set on character login)

These are welcome changes, in my experience of the relic raid test the guards dropped down very quickly, and this was without taking any of the enemy keeps. Also the bounty point scroll removal is great, although there are still a number of usability issues relating to the ageing DAoC system that I would like to see addressed, such as placing items on a quick bar to use them, and receiving buffs immediately on purchase (instead of handing a token back to the merchant). The realm timer change is welcome, although there are still too many problems with the login system such as having to reload the entire game when you hit a timer.

There is another relic raid test scheduled Thursday, May 3rd starting at 3pm EDT (9pm CEST). Ywain will be closed down during this test, forcing people onto Pendragon. I don’t like this tactic, but it seems to work.

Silakka has updated his blog with some screenshots of a re-textured old keep, it looks fantastic.

Two Weekend Warfronts have come and gone, Deadly Embrace features the Khaine’s Embrace scenario. Battle at the Cairn features the Blood of the Black Cairn scenario.

The developer discussion on the campaign revamp has closed, check out the thread to see the discussion.

Highlights from Keavan:

1.4.6 bug-fixes

  • WAR Report no longer usable in combat (Passed Testing)
  • Remove flight animations (Passed Testing)
  • Bolster 45 in Tier 4 (Passed Testing)
  • Scenario guards that chase (In Testing)
  • Scenario Bracket s(In Testing)

Other info:

  • 1.4.6 won’t have any major campaign revamps – source
  • 1.4.6 may allow other the other siege weapons to attack doors, with the ram still being more effective – source
  • 1.4.7 should feature two mirrored classes being addressed for career balancing- source

New Patch

Patch 0.18 was released April 17th, this patch features:

  • Launch of Open Beta
  • New Hero: Bax


Wrath of Heroes now has a 50% boost to experience and gold earned for all Warhammer Online subscribers, the boost is re-applied if you re-subscribe.

Site Updates

The website has also received a few minor updates, a new visible download button has been created, and there is a new community nav menu, featuring links to the social media sites, the wiki (yay) and the unofficial forums

Wiki Updates

We’ve been working hard to add more detailed content to the Wrath of Heroes Wiki.

  • The Quests page features information on account wide objectives that reward you with an extra spin on the wheel, it has a list of possible quests.
  • The Challenges page features information on scenario specific objectives that reward you with an extra spin on the wheel, it even has a list for each scenario.
  • The Experience page has a list of the experience requirement for each level.
  • The Masteriespage has a list of each of the masteries available on each hero.

New Hero – Ironbreaker

Olwyn Shieldbearer will join Wrath of Heroes May 8

Latest Store

The current free hero rotation is the following; Bax, Drulg and Ilanya. Glowgob’s extra skin is also 40% off.