DAoC – Relic Raid Test

Brief note today to highlight the release of the video by BioWare Mythic showing the Dark Age of Camelot relic raid test for Patch 1.112 on Pendragon earlier this week.

Video Contents

  • Albion Gathers to Move Out…
  • .. and Gets Ganked
  • Second Attempt
  • Attack on Dun Scathaig
  • Hibernia’s Defense Holds Strong
  • Midgard Joins the Fight
  • Midgard Goes on the Offensive
  • The Long Run Home
  • Ambush at the Gate
  • Jump & Run…

Personal Opinion

I was playing a Heretic on Albion at the time, and managed to play through 5 wipes before logging out (The RR13 Warlock bomb group didn’t make playing fun). It was a long time since I played the game so I was very noobish.

One of things that I really love (old feature, not related to this patch) is the ambient combat sounds, when your fighting, it’s very atmospheric.

  • The elite guards difficulty was not a problem with the Albion Zerg, so they will most likely get increased.
  • The relic carrying indicator is a pillar of a colour that pulses occasionally, it’s okay, I would have preferred something permanent like the Warlock indicators.
  • The forcing of the relic carrier through the land route home is great for ambushing.