Wrath of Heroes – Masteries

It was brought to my attention that I was missing Mastery information on the Wrath of Heroes Wiki, Kai was nice enough to provide me with a list of tactics available in the game and the page is now almost complete.

As your account levels, you’ll be granted Mastery Points that allow you to unlock specific “Hero Masteries” in the form of Tactics and Alternate Abilities. Some of these items are specific to the Hero that unlocked them, while others can be used on any Hero once unlocked.

Masteries can be viewed in the Hero Profile and you can unlock these items via a Tree. Once unlocked, they will appear in the ‘Inventory’ screen and be available for slotting.

Check out some screenshots of the mastery process from the game client or skip ahead and check out the list on the wiki.

Heroes need to be purchased before items on their mastery tree can be selected

Mastery points can be spent to gain tactics or abilities

Tactics in use or have other restrictions are greyed out, selected items appear in the bags below.