Wrath of Heroes – Tutorial

I had meant to make this post weeks ago, so apologies for the old news.

Patch 0.17 added the Tutorial which covers basic combat information, targeting and scenario objectives, at the end of the tutorial you are rewarded with a reward wheel spin and a fully owned hero Lucian the Mercenary.

The Tutorial can be accessed by pressing Play, provided you haven’t completed the tutorial before. If you have completed the Tutorial before you can select the Offer Tutorial option from the game options.

Read more for a screenshot carousel showcasing the complete tutorial.


Clicking on an image will open a carousel allowing you to view all the images in turn in full-screen.


  • Reward wheel spin (only the first time you complete the Tutorial)
  • Lucian as an owned and customizable hero

Personal Opinion

Personally I don’t think there is enough voice overs in the tutorial, I don’t like a lot of reading. The messages although they pop up around the screen I would like to see more in-your-face, center and big. Also I think there should be a progress indicator when picking up enemy items like there is with the flag capture.