DAoC – Producers Letter (Relic Changes & Test) / VNBoards Closing

Yesterday Stuart Zissu published a Dark Age of Camelot producers letter addressing relic changes and a date for relic testing.

Ever since the New User Journey went live, we have been eyeing the Frontiers as our next system du jour.  We have noticed that the Relic game in particular is in need of some work as it is an old system that is both central to RvR gameplay, and quite convoluted and obtuse even to veterans.  So we went to the whiteboard and put pen to white plastic coating and came up with some goals for the Relic system.

The first goal can be summed up in a few words:  complex, not complicated.  Although the current system can be seen as fitting this mantra, the truth is, it is not the same.

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The relic raid test on Pendragon will be Wednesday, April 11 starting at 2.30pm EDT (8.30pm CEST)

To judge the strength of the guards and the difficulty of raids with defenders, we will test raids with the DAoC team (producer, developers, community team) and players onWednesday, April 11th starting at 2:30pm EDT (8:30pm CEST). Please log in in time to prepare, train and equip your charakter

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In other DAoC related news VN Boards will be closing shortly, with the community moving to various locations:

Pretty sad to see the community broken up, however the old forums were horrible looking, and too intimidating for non-trolls to post anything there. I’m not sure where I’m going to be heading.